Which reverse schedule set up so as not to forget anything for your wedding in Quebec?

Which reverse schedule set up so as not to forget anything for your wedding in Quebec?

That’s it, the big question has been asked, and you have said “yes”: you are now engaged! If you have already fixed a date (we advise you to start with that), the countdown has started… And it is time to start the preparations for your wedding! Here is the reverse schedule that we advise you to respect if you want the preparations for your wedding in Quebec to go smoothly… and so as not to forget anything!

D – 18 months

We recommend you to start (very) early the searches for your wedding venue. We are especially thinking about the future married couples of 2022 and 2023, because these years promise to be busy with weddings! The Covid prevented many couples to get married in 2020 and 2021, the postponements to 2022 and even 2023 are to anticipate! Furthermore, it is often the availabilities of the venue that will determine the final date of your union.

Whatever the venue you are looking for, it is vital that you start your researches as soon as possible! Do you need a hand and a list of places for a dream wedding? Consult our list of references for urban, nature, unusual venues or for a small committee in Quebec.

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D – 12 months

The first months of your preparations for your wedding in Quebec has some big pieces in your reverse schedule. It starts strong, but you will see that it is worth it!

Even though it is the least fun part of your wedding preparations, establishing your budget is essential. Indeed, establishing your budget early on will allow you to get a global idea of the different expenses that you will have to plan for your big day. Keep in mind that your initial budget will evolve as you advance in your preparations and as you sign contracts with your different vendors.

Once your budget is prepared, you will be able to focus on the famous guest list. Do not be afraid to invite only the people whose presence matter to you, and to never give in. It is your wedding, feel free to invite only those without whom you cannot see yourselves celebrate your love. Likewise, feel free to invite your entire address book if you want to! We hold onto our simple rule: your wedding = your choices.

Moreover, if you want to work with a wedding planner to help you organizing your wedding in Quebec, it is going to be time for you to start your researches. As they are in high demand, you need to contact the best wedding planners as soon as you can!

If you still have not decided on a date for your wedding, it is high tome to choose one! It is getting also necessary for you to choose your wedding venue because those are taken by storm. We are especially thinking about the high season of weddings, summer.

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D – 11 months

There is a wedding vendor that you need to search for quickly if it is not imposed by your venue: the caterer! Indeed, if the food is part of your priorities for your wedding, the best caterers of Quebec are in high demand. In order to satisfy the taste buds of your guests, do not delay!

Likewise, start contacting the Quebec photographers and videographers whose universe speak to you. We advise you to look at their portfolios, to select the professionals that you love… and whose prices are also loved by your budget!

It is also going to be time to start searching for your officiant, one of key people in your wedding ceremony! The professional officiants are demanded, we recommend you not to delay contacting them. If you prefer to ask one of your close ones to occupy this role, some administrative procedures have to taken into account. Therefore it is never too early to do them now, it will save you some time later on!

And since we are mentioning the key people of your wedding, we advise you to choose your wedding party as of now! Your bridesmaids and groomsmen will support and help you through all your wedding preparations. You might as well have them from the start!

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D – 10 months

At ten months before your big day, it is now time to start trying on… wedding dresses! This is obviously THE moment of your preparations that we are very happy to share with you. We love participating in this important moment of your wedding in Quebec, it is the part of your reverse schedule that we prefer!

At the same time, start thinking about the theme of your wedding. Since your wedding is starting to take form, you need to think about your wedding’s vibe and universe. Before making any decision, the two of you need to ask yourselves some questions: what do you want to reflect as a couple? What is the atmosphere that is most like the two of you? Finally, we recommend you to take into consideration the season of your wedding to create a harmony. Visit wedding fairs, browse blogs and discover inspiring Instagram accounts. Inshort, it is THE month to find all your inspiration!

And since you are full of inspiration, it is now time to contact the other vendors for your wedding. As you already know, the talented vendors are in high demand and you will never be too early to contact them. We have prepared for you our favourite addresses of florists and pâtissiers in Quebec!

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D – 9 months

It is now time to let your guests know about the date of your wedding! If you are following your reverse schedule to the T so as not to forget anything, you are at the step to send the first object of your wedding stationery: your “Save the date“! Contact our favourite stationery vendors in Quebec for your wedding invitations and all your other stationery pieces.

Furthermore, you will be busy choosing the general atmosphere of your wedding. After having let your inspiration and imagination run loose last month, it is now time to start making choices. You have the difficult task to make some decisions for everything that touches the atmosphere of your wedding this month! Once this step is crossed, you will be able to refine all your following choices by referring to the universe of your wedding.

Finally, whether you have decided to call upon a professional officiant or one of your close ones, we advise you to start planning together your ceremony. This way, you will have lots of time to plan every detail and to personalize your ceremony and make it yours.

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D – 8 months

If you have not yet said “yes” to your beautiful wedding dress, it is time to finalize your choice! Indeed, the lead time for your dream dress can be quite long (6 months on average). You also need to take into account the alterations with a specialized seamstress (approximately 2 months before the wedding). It is time to finalize your wedding dress fittings and spend a wonderful time!

This month is dedicated to your beautiful wedding outfits, because you will also need to start thinking about your wedding rings! Whether you are looking for simple wedding bands or more detailed rings, we advise you to start your researches now. This way, you will not be time pressured for choosing your rings, and is it not the whole point of a well-planned reverse schedule?

D – 7 months

After all the decisions that you have had to make, we recommend you to take a well-deserved break in your wedding preparations. Relax just the two of you, organize a few dates to spend some quality time together. In short, recharge your batteries!

You can enjoy this little break to start trying on your hair and makeup attempts. We recommend you to contact these professionals who will make you even more beautiful on your big day. This will give you the opportunity to test different hairstyles and to finalize your entire look. You will love getting pampered by the makeup artists that we love in Montreal!

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D – 6 months

Only six months before your big day, it is time to send your wedding announcement! The wedding invitations are the ultimate element of your wedding stationery, so it is important that you spend some time on them to get the most perfect result for your couple. Your guests will discover on them the detailed program of your beautiful day! Do not forget to add with your invitations a means for your guests to confirm their presence (at D – 4 months), so that you can easily monitor their presence.

In addition, we also recommend you to start buying or renting your decoration elements. Moving on in your preparations regularly will give you a clear vision of what still has to be done. And concerning the decoration, it is always better to start early, especially if you have some home made projects! We validate a 100% the do it yourself projects, we find them so personalized and crazily romantic.

Take also the time this month to do a check point with your different wedding vendors. Check with them if everything is still good with them or if there has been some changes in their schedule. This will allow you to verify that all the different elements you have planned will be taken into account by your vendors.

D – 5 months

The countdown is starting to accelerate in the reverse schedule for your wedding in Quebec! Five months before your big day, we advise you to start busying yourselves with the gifts and favours you wish to offer to your guests and wedding party (if you want to make any!). It is always best to prepare these attentions beforehand, especially if you want to make them yourselves! We kindly recommend you to avoid the stress of finding yourselves having to make a hundred homemade candles or soaps the week before your wedding!

Speaking of which… Have you already booked your vehicule as newlyweds? In order to properly mark your entrance at your venue, we love the little touch of a collection car or a horse driven carriage (if the venue allows it). If you let yourselves get tempted, do not wait for the last minute because the most popular vehicules get reserved quickly! It can be a good solution to enhance your beautiful wedding outfits.

Since we are on the subject of your outfits, the suit is not to set aside either! You need to start your wedding suit fittings, especially if you wish to wear one that is tailor made. We have prepared you a list of our most recommended adresses in Montreal!

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D – 4 months

It is now time to regroup the RSVP of your guests! Indeed, your invitations should mention a date at which you want your guests to confirm their presence at your wedding. This will allow you to update your guest list with those that will actually be present, and to contact those who forgot to send you their answer. We prefer to warn you in advance that despite all your efforts, some of your close ones will not be punctual… We speak from experience! It is good to get a head start, and to avoid giving a date that is too close to your wedding date. In fact, your caterer will especially need to know the exact number of people well in advance for their organization.

And to bring a touch of fun to this month of the reverse schedule for your wedding in Quebec, we advise you to start shopping the outfits of your wedding party! Indeed, it is time for your maids of honour and bridesmaids to steal (a little) the spotlight so you can choose together their beautiful outfits. We offer you to come try on our bridesmaids dresses at Dream It Yourself!

This month which a little bit lighter will also give you the occasion to shop your wedding shoes! As they are an important part of both your outfits, we recommend you to choose them without much delay. You will feel relieved to have your beautiful shoes keeping warm in your cupboard!

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D – 3 months

There you go, you are now entering the final three months before your big day! We hope that you have taken the time to enjoy the lighter months of your wedding preparations, because the reverse schedule is speeding up. This month is placed under the sign of the finalization of your wedding decoration. It is time to get serious about it! Your D day is coming fast, we invite you to finish all your decoration projects. Whether you prefer to buy, rent or make them yourselves, these different decor projects should be over soon now.

It is also finally time to finalize the menu of your dinner with your caterer! The time is come for you to sample courses, each one more delicious than the one before! The difficult part will be to make a selection… This enjoyable step will give you the opportunity to also finalize to your caterer the number of people who will take part in your wedding reception. This is the reason why it is important that you received early on all the answers from your guests!

There is another stage in this lighter month of the reverse schedule of your wedding in Quebec: the completion of your wedding stationery! Think seating arrangements, place holders for your guests, menu, welcome signs for the entrance at your reception venue… Whether your stationery is on paper, wood, acrylic or metal, it is time to confirm everything with your stationary vendor!

Moreover, you will need to finalize your hair and makeup. Contact trustworthy professionals for your big day! This will save you a last minute stress, which can be easily avoided if you respect this reverse schedule for your wedding in Quebec. Wedding preparations are stressful by definition, you should avoid adding more stress by oversight!

As the future bride, your outfit is not limited to the wedding dress and your bridal shoes! Indeed, you can have fun accessorizing your look. We advise you to start thinking about the sort of accessories you will want to wear. If you wear your hair up or down, the hair accessory will change. Similarly, if you wish to wear earrings, you should make sure that they complement your wedding dress perfectly.

D – 2 months

At two months before your wedding, you should be doing the alterations for your beautiful outfits! The stores where you said “yes” to your dress and/or suit will contact you two to three months prior to your wedding to make the alterations with their seamstresses and tailors. It is essential that you bring your shoes for this appointment because the seamstress will adjusts the length of your skirt according to the height of your heels. Avoid all stress and anticipate buying your wedding shoes! This is our recommendation in this reverse schedule for your wedding in Quebec!

Once you will be trying on YOUR dress after many patient months, it will be time to choose your accessories if you did not find them yet. Do not delay anymore, it is really time for you to find the final touch of your bridal outfit!

Similarly, it is also time to validate your lingerie! If your dress is backless, a septal bra can be worn. Do not be late in starting your researches once you have your wedding dress because you might have to plan several fittings. As per usual, anticipating this will save you from trouble!

If you have decided not to hire a DJ for the music, you will have to start putting your wedding playlist together. Take especially some time to think together about the music for your first dance. This song is special, as it going to be the first song you will dance on as a married couple! And if you are especially motivated and wish to impress your guests, you might want to take some dance lessons. That will only make your first dance even more beautiful!

If some of your guests still have not replied, do not hesitate to contact them again! You will need a final list of the guests that will be present on your wedding day in order to… start your seating arrangements! This major project will necessitate many (many) changes, it will be best to start now and not to delay. You will be much more serene is you start working on this two months before your big day!

Last and not least point of the reverse schedule at M – 2 before your wedding: finalize all your decoration projects made in Quebec! Similarly, you should finish your guests’ favours. This will allow you to focus your energy on the last details during the last month before the wedding.

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D – 1 month

It is the home straight of your wedding preparations: only one month before your wedding! If you have respected the reverse schedule for your wedding, you only have a few more points to handle in Quebec. Therefore, we advise you to check the last details with your different wedding vendors! Run through with them their service to make sure that everything will happen as you had planned. Share with them the detailed schedule of your wedding day, it always makes it easier for them if they have a precise idea of your detailed organization.

It is also the moment to start your beauty routine! Exfoliating care, hydrating care, bubbly baths and nourishing shampoos are now yours. Make the most of this time to spruce yourselves up! You will be under the spotlight during your wedding day, taking care of your skin and hair will make you shine even more! And between us, who would reject an opportunity to get pampered?

D – 2 weeks

You only have a few weeks now before your wedding! We advise you to start finalizing the detailed program of your ceremony with your officiant. As well, remind the close ones to whom you have asked to speak that they need to finish their speeches!

If you have some final touches to add to your wedding playlist, you need to work on it. It will not be on the day before your wedding that you will have time to work on it, trust us! You should take the time to refine the order of the songs that will give rhythm to your night.

D – 1 day

Congratulations, you are now on the eve of your wedding day! You have done most of the work, you only have a few hours to make your vision come to life. Take the time to put in place the decoration in your venue and organize different locations to impress your guests! Place your welcome sign at the venue’s entrance, set up your ceremony space and your table centrepieces. Now is the time to perfect down to the last detail your layout, you will not have time to do so tomorrow!

Once all the set up is done, enjoy the night to relax with your wedding party. We advise you to dedicate this night before your wedding to quiet and relaxation. Indeed, you will not have many occasions to do it tomorrow, you might as well enjoy tonight! And above all, you should go to bed early in order to get a full night sleep before your big day.

D – day

We warn you right now: not everything will go exactly according to plan! Be prepared to this possibility, do not let the stress or the irritation ruin your day. Let yourselves be carried along, and en-joy!


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