5 steps to make a wedding table plan without going crazy!

5 steps to make a wedding table plan without going crazy!

5 steps to make a wedding table plan without going crazy!

The wedding table plan is probably one of the most challenging missions of organizing your wedding!
At Dream it Yourself we offer you the 5 steps to make a table plan without going crazy!

The choice of the tables

Decide if you want round or square tables. Promote round tables that are more user-friendly. Also, determine the number of people per table. In general, the wedding table are tables of 8 or 10 people.

Tip: You can also ask the advice of your wedding caterer, he is used to doing this kind of event and will surely gives you good advices.

Wedding table plan

The final guests list

The wedding table plan can be started in advance (2 to 3 weeks before the wedding) but must be finalized a few days before the D-Day so that you don’t have to start again if a cancellation or a last-minute addition is presented… It is recommended to print the final list at the last minute.

Tip: Discharge yourself from this task and give this mission to your wedding witness, it will do that less to do in the hours preceding your day!

wedding table name of guests

Place your guests

You have 2 options available to you: table placement software like Place your guests or Wedding Wire or the good old paper and pencil method!

Take a big box and draw your tables roughly. Then, get Post It and write all the names of your guests on independent pieces of paper. Then place your Post It on your table drawings. You can do tests and move them if needed.

The placement of guests is an important step of your wedding, take the time to do it in several times to see more clearly.

Tip: Do not ask your guests for advice, they may give it to you and therefore get you tangled! Work with your fiancée and ask your witnesses for advice if needed. 

Name or number your tables

It is the best to give names or numbers to your tables to make life easier for your guests. You could place a board at the entrance of the room to direct your guests. You can find names based on your wedding theme for example. Give place to your imagination!

Tip: Invite your close friends to dinner a few months before the wedding and brainstorm table names. The ideas that will come out will be precious to you as well as having a good time with friends!

number of wedding table Montreal

The name of the guests..or not!

You can then decide whether you want to assign your guests to a specific place at the table or let them sit down as they want. There is no right or wrong answer, it’s really as you feel.

Tip: The names of your guests could be placed on a paper or cardboard square in front of each cover or associated with your guest gift!

Guests names wedding table plan  nom sur table des mariéés

Whatever you choose, do as you feel, listen yourself as much as possible to have a wedding at your image!

Do not forget the motto: Joy, sharing and friendliness!

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