Choosing the symbolic ritual for your Quebec wedding ceremony

Choosing the symbolic ritual for your Quebec wedding ceremony

Your wedding day is more than just a celebration, it is a unique moment when you make a commitment to your loved ones to share your life together. So, to make this occasion even more special, many Quebec couples choose to incorporate a symbolic ritual into their wedding ceremony. There are many wedding rituals to choose from, and some are even rooted in the cultural traditions of many countries.

First of all, it’s important to distinguish between symbolic wedding rituals that are solely between the couple (known as “union” rituals) and those that involve the guests (known as “collective” rituals). We recommend that you decide with your other half the type you prefer. Whether you would like a symbolic ritual to underline your love for each other, or if you would prefer to involve your guests in your Quebec wedding ceremony. This way, you are sure to add an extra touch of emotion and meaning to your very special day. Here are the symbolic wedding ceremony rituals that touch us the most!

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Symbolic union rituals are the most commonly chosen by couples planning a wedding ceremony, as they are rituals that particularly symbolize the union of their lives. What’s more, since these rituals don’t involve guests, they are also often easier to carry out. Here are a few ideas for incorporating a symbolic union ritual into your Quebec wedding ceremony without hesitation:


The sand ceremony is a magnificent ritual that symbolizes the union of two lives into one. Couples each pour a little colored sand into a shared container, creating a unique and inseparable mixture. It’s a powerful visual representation of union and shared love. The sand ceremony is a visually powerful symbolic ritual, symbolizing the union of two people getting married. The ritual involves each partner pouring sand of a different color into a common container, creating a unique and inseparable mixture.

Each color represents the distinct individualities, experiences and life stories of each person. As the future spouses pour in the sand, the colored grains blend together, representing the merging of these separate lives into one solid unit. This highly visual ritual symbolizes the importance of harmony, intertwining and creating a new shared journey. Finally, the sand ceremony creates a tangible reminder of this mutual commitment. It becomes a unique object to treasure as a symbol of the solid, lasting union formed on this precious day.


The candle wedding ritual is an emotional and symbolic practice that represents the union of the couple and the creation of a new light through their marriage. At the start of the ceremony, the spouses each light an individual candle, representing their individuality. Later in the ceremony, they use these candles to light a third candle together, which symbolizes their union and is commonly referred to as the “unity candle”. The act of lighting this candle symbolizes the union of the lives of the spouses as they come together to form a new entity. This unified flame represents the shared love, deep connection and light that will guide their path throughout their marriage.

The spouses can keep this unity candle and relight it on special occasions (such as wedding anniversaries) to rekindle the memories and promises exchanged on their wedding day. Indeed, the candle ritual brings guests together around the love and union of the couple. Finally, it truly symbolizes the eternal flame of the relationship.


Watering a tree or plant is a symbolic ritual that represents the growth and development of the couple’s relationship. This ritual is particularly recommended for couples who love nature and gardens – or who get married in nature! During the ceremony, a young tree or plant is chosen to symbolize the love and commitment of the couple. During the ceremony, the spouses pours water over the plant, nurturing its growth and blossoming. This gesture symbolizes the couple’s commitment to nurturing and nurturing their relationship over time.

The choice of tree can be significant to the spouses. They can choose a fruit tree that symbolizes fertility and abundance, or a flowering plant that represents beauty and blossoming. The couple can also choose a plant with personal significance, such as a flower they particularly love, or a plant that evokes a precious memory. Beyond the gesture of pouring water over the plant, the couple can also share special wishes or intentions during the ritual. In this way, the spouses can express their mutual promises to care for each other, support the growth of their relationship and face the challenges that lie ahead. The symbolic tree ritual is a beautiful way to symbolize during the wedding ceremony the couple’s commitment to growing their love day by day in Quebec.

Note: If you are getting married in your garden or in a family estate, you may also plant the young tree during the ceremony! This will forever symbolize the strength, growth and prosperity of your marriage.


The symbolic wedding ritual of the time capsule is a meaningful practice that symbolizes the couple’s commitment across time and the creation of precious memories. During the civil ceremony, the partners place a bottle of wine (or other), along with love letters or vows they have written beforehand, in a special box or capsule. The couple then seals this box and will only open it on a special occasion in the future. For example, on a significant wedding anniversary or at a time when they are going through challenges or trials.

The act of sealing the capsule represents the couple’s promise to preserve and cherish the love that unites them, while its future opening will serve as a reminder of the vows and intentions that were expressed at the wedding! It’s a way of celebrating the evolution of the spouses’ relationship over time and creating a link between the past and the future, while preserving the feelings and promises made on the wedding day.


The symbolic wedding ritual of tied hands or ribbons is a powerful symbol of the couple’s union and commitment. During this ceremony, the officiant ties the spouses’ hands together with ribbons, forming a knot or braid. This symbolic and highly visual gesture represents the union of the two lives and the mutual commitment to walk side by side throughout their marriage. The ribbons, which are often of different colors, represent the diversity of individual paths that have led the partners to this very moment. By intertwining them to form a knot, the ribbon ritual symbolizes the harmony, strength and complementarity of the couple’s relationship.

Afterwards, the married couple can keep the ribbons as a memento of their mutual engagement, and as a tangible reminder of their love and commitment to each other. It’s a meaningful symbolic ritual that visually strengthens the bonds between the spouses!

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If you want to involve your guests in your civil ceremony, collective symbolic rituals are a great option! They’re a great way to include your guests in the celebration of your love, and show them just how much they mean to you. Here’s our small selection of rituals that we particularly like:


The wish tree is a symbolic ritual where guests write their wishes on cards and hang them on a tree. This creates a beautiful tree, filled with love and good intentions for the couple! The tree becomes a constant reminder of the wishes and support of the couple’s loved ones throughout their marriage. The vow tree wedding ritual is a beautiful way to involve guests in the ceremony and symbolize the love, vows and wishes that surround the wedding. During this symbolic ritual, a potted tree decorated with ribbons, cards or blank labels is placed in the center of the ceremony space. Guests are invited to write their vows, advice or wishes for the wedding on these cards, then hang them on the branches of the tree.

This creates a beautiful visual representation of the love and support that surrounds the couple on their special day. The vow tree thus becomes a powerful symbol of growth and connection. It also reflects the blossoming love of the spouses over the years. The couple can treasure these vows, re-read them on each wedding anniversary and watch them evolve over time. Thus, it will help strengthening the bonds and memories of this unforgettable day!


A moving and meaningful ritual that many couples choose to incorporate into their wedding ceremony is that of passing their wedding rings through the assembly, allowing their guests to warm them with their vows of happiness. This symbolic gesture creates a deep connection between the guests and the spouses. Thus, it reinforces the support and love that surrounds the spouses. When the moment arrives, the wedding rings are placed in a small container or on a special tray, then passed from hand to hand among the guests. Each person has the opportunity to hold the rings, touch them, and send positive thoughts and heartfelt wishes to the couple.

This symbolic ritual allows guests to actively contribute to the positive energy surrounding the wedding ceremony of their cherished couple. The rings, then charged with the love of each person present, return to the hands of the couple with renewed emotion. Not only does this wedding ritual create a deep bond between the couple and their loved ones, it also testifies to the importance of relationships and the support of loved ones in their marriage. It reminds everyone present that marriage is not just the union of two individuals, but also the union of families and loved ones who come together to celebrate love.


The couple’s library ritual is absolutely perfect for literature fans! It consists of asking each guest to offer a book to the married couple during the ceremony. All these books will then form the couple’s library. This unique wedding ritual obviously underlines the couple’s love of reading, but it goes far beyond that. Indeed, each book given by the couple’s loved ones becomes an object representing their wishes, advice and blessings for the wedding.

By bringing together a varied collection of books, the wedding library will become a source of inspiration and wisdom, offering moments of shared reading and literary discovery throughout this new life together. Each time the spouses will select a book from their library, they’ll be reminded of the love and support of their loved ones! In fact, it’s a highly significant symbolic ritual that will be a highlight of the Quebec wedding ceremony. This ritual is a real contribution to a precious body of history and knowledge, adding a deep and meaningful dimension to the union.


The stone wedding ritual is a symbolic practice that represents the solidity, stability and firm foundation of love and commitment between the couple during their marriage. During this ceremony, each guest receives a stone. At the appropriate moment, guests are asked to hold the stone in their hand and concentrate their wishes, blessings and positive thoughts for the spouses. The guests then gently place their stone in a large glass container. Thus, they form a cluster of stones symbolizing the love and support of all their loved ones.

Following the ceremony, the spouses can keep the container filled with these stones as a memento of their wedding. This now serves as a tangible reminder of the energy and love shared on this special day. This ritual creates a deep connection between the guests, the married couple, and nature. It also symbolizes the importance of love and unity in building a strong and lasting life together. A small variation on this ritual is to ask guests to sign their stone before placing it in the container, so that their names are always visible and present in the couple’s daily life.


The fingerprint tree wedding ritual is a creative and interactive practice that allows guests to leave their mark and actively participate in the creation of a collective and meaningful work of art. This symbolic ritual is particularly well-suited to a wedding ceremony held in the natural surroundings of Quebec. During the ceremony, a leafless tree is displayed, representing the growth and blossoming of love between the married couple. Guests are given ink or paint stamps to place their fingerprints on the branches of the tree: a unique, colorful tree comes to life! Each fingerprint represents a beloved member of the couple, a witness and supporter of the wedding.

The fingerprint tree becomes a living symbol of the community that surrounds the married couple, and of the love that spreads through their loved ones. After the ceremony, the spouses can frame and treasure this personalized work of art as a precious memento of their wedding day. This will help them forever recalling the faces and voices that were part of this celebration. The fingerprint tree ritual creates an interactive and memorable experience for guests, while symbolizing the importance of shared love and the presence of loved ones in the lives of the couple!

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As you can see, wedding rituals are much more than just symbolic gestures. They are emotionally-charged moments that symbolize the love, commitment and deep connection between the couple and their loved ones. These symbolic rituals are thus emotionally charged moments that strengthen the bonds between the spouses and their loved ones, while celebrating the union and love that bring them together.

Whatever symbolic ritual you choose for your Quebec wedding ceremony, every gesture and every symbol will have a deep, personal meaning. This personalized aspect of the civil ceremony creates lasting, unique memories that will endure beyond the wedding day. Wedding rituals underline the importance of commitment, celebration and, of course, your love. Finally, a symbolic ritual will add a special dimension to the wedding ceremony! Therefore, it will create a truly unforgettable experience for both the spouses and their guests.

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