Finding your second wedding outfit in Quebec

Finding your second wedding outfit in Quebec

Your wedding day is unique and special: you are one of the two stars of the day! Why not take advantage of this day and change your outfit during your wedding? Having a second wedding outfit is a trend that is becoming more and more popular in Quebec. Indeed, it adds an extra touch of magic to your dream day!

At Dream It Yourself, we offer you several options for your second wedding outfit to allow you to shine even more during your wedding in Quebec. We give you all our tips and tricks to choose your second outfit. At DIY, we help you create a unique and memorable look for your big day!

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A second wedding outfit is simply a way to add a touch of diversity and creativity to your wedding. Here are a few reasons to wear a second wedding outfit on your big day in Quebec:

-A more relaxed atmosphere-

The first wedding dress is usually chosen for the ceremony and can sometimes be a bit more formal. With a second wedding dress, you have the freedom to choose a more casual style that fits the mood of your reception. You can opt for a lighter wedding dress, a short wedding dress or even a pantsuit to dance and have fun all night without having to worry about your outfit. It’s really the perfect option to be able to relax and enjoy the rest of your big day!

-The freedom of movement-

If you’ve chosen a wedding dress with a voluminous skirt, a tight-fitting skirt or a long train, you may find it more practical to have a second outfit for the reception. A second, lighter wedding dress will allow you to move around more easily and to enjoy every moment without being limited by your beautiful outfit. Wearing a short dress or pantsuit will allow you to dance and enjoy yourself without restriction throughout the evening.

-A plan B-

Be prepared: there can always be unforeseen circumstances on your wedding day, such as the weather. In case of rain or a sudden change in temperature, a second wedding outfit can be a great solution to stay comfortable. You will enjoy your day without having to worry about the weather outside! So, if you have planned an outdoor ceremony and the weather is not favorable during your Quebec wedding, your second wedding outfit will serve as a plan B! You will be able to change quickly and enjoy the rest of your day without any stress.

-The pleasure of changing styles-

If you love fashion and want to add a little fun to your special day, a second wedding dress allows you to change your style and express your creativity. You can choose a more modern, edgy or casual look for your second outfit. You can show different sides of your personality! Choosing a second wedding outfit is just one more opportunity to have fun on your wedding day.

-The distinction of the different moments of your big day-

Your wedding day is made up of many special moments, from the ceremony to the reception, the couple’s photos, the cocktail party and the dance. By opting for a second wedding dress, you can visually mark these different moments! In fact, you can wear a long wedding dress for the ceremony and dinner, and then change to a more casual and festive outfit for the dance. This adds variety and excitement to your wedding day while making you feel even more special at every step!

-A beautiful outfit for the day before or after the wedding-

If you’re having a rehearsal dinner the night before your wedding or a brunch the day after, you need to find a second gorgeous wedding outfit. This is your chance to wear a beautiful dress or pantsuit to continue being the star of your wedding! In fact, dinner the night before or brunch the day after are perfect occasions to wear a more casual wedding outfit than on the big day. The occasion lends itself perfectly to a modern outfit that reflects you, without compromise. It’s an opportunity to capture unique moments with your family and loved ones, and to create unforgettable memories. And between us, who would say no to the possibility of being a beautiful bride several times?

-The marriage of different cultures-

If you and your significant other come from different cultures, you might consider wearing a second wedding outfit that symbolizes your respective traditions and backgrounds. For example, you could wear a traditional dress for the ceremony that reflects your or your partner’s culture, and then change your outfit for the reception. This is the perfect way to honor both cultures of your new family!

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You’ve decided to wear a second wedding outfit to add even more magic to your wedding. But how to choose the perfect outfit? We give you all our tips to help you make the right choice.

-Think about the overall change of look-

A second wedding outfit is not only about the dress, no! Think about changing your accessories, your makeup and your shoes. In fact, you can choose different accessories to add a fresh touch to your look, like a hat, a belt or original jewelry. Don’t hesitate to touch up your makeup to create a different look. And most importantly, don’t neglect your shoes! You can choose elegant shoes for the ceremony and a more fun and fashionable pair for the reception. We especially love the idea of putting on a pair of our DIY bridal shoes for the ceremony and then some glitter sneakers. Your overall look change will really set a new mood!

To discover our accessories, clic here.

-Think about the vibe of your second outfit-

When choosing your second bridal outfit, also consider the overall mood of your wedding. If you have opted for a more traditional ceremony, you may want to choose a more casual second wedding outfit for the reception. We suggest you choose a short wedding dress, a modern pantsuit or a bohemian dress. Anything is possible! And if you’ve opted for a casual, bohemian vibe for your wedding, you can opt for a second, even more bohemian wedding dress! Think about an outfit with floral patterns, flowing fabrics and romantic details. Make sure your second outfit matches the overall mood of your wedding for a perfect harmony.

-Think practicality-

When choosing your second wedding outfit, think about the practicality of the look as well. We advise you to choose an outfit that allows you to move and dance with ease. This way, you won’t be uncomfortable to party in a dress that is too bulky or with bulky accessories. If you are planning specific activities during your reception, such as a choreography or games, make sure that your second wedding outfit will allow you to fully enjoy them!

-Consider comfort-

Comfort is key to enjoying your wedding day from start to finish. When choosing your second wedding outfit, make sure it is comfortable to wear for long hours. Avoid dresses or outfits that are too tight, too heavy or with uncomfortable elements such as irritating materials. Choose light and breathable fabrics instead! Also, make sure that your second outfit allows you to move easily. After all, this is going to be the outfit you’ll be rocking on the dance floor in!

-Stay true to your style-

Your second wedding outfit should always reflect your own style and personality. So we recommend that you choose an outfit because it makes you feel beautiful and confident, and not just because it’s fashionable. It is still your wedding outfit, even if you only wear it for the second half of the day! Stay true to your personal style and choose a second outfit that truly represents you. Whether you’re into bohemian, modern, or some other style, make sure your second outfit matches your style!

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At Dream It Yourself, we are here to help you choose your perfect second wedding outfit for your big day in Quebec. Here are some of our favorite options:

-Our short wedding dresses-

Short wedding dresses are becoming increasingly popular for a second bridal outfit. They are perfect for brides who want to dance the night away without having to worry about their train. At Dream It Yourself, we have a selection of stylish and trendy short wedding dresses. Our short dresses have trendy details such as lace, beading and delicate patterns. A short wedding dress is also ideal for outdoor weddings or beach weddings: you can enjoy the sun and sand! If you want to wear a casual outfit for your reception, a short, chic dress is a great choice. In fact, a short dress will allow you to dance and move around easily all night, while adding a touch of style to your bridal look.

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-Our pants sets-

For brides who want an original and comfortable second bridal outfit, pantsuits are a great alternative! At DIY, we offer modern and trendy pantsuits, consisting of flowing pants and lace tops. These outfits are perfect for brides who want to be comfortable while still looking chic and elegant. They are also suitable for town hall weddings or more intimate weddings, where you can opt for a bold modern look!

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-Our sample dresses-

For brides on a smaller budget or looking for a dress that is not custom made, our sample wedding dresses are a great solution! We are happy to offer a selection of sample dresses that we sell as is and at a low price. These dresses can also be perfect for a second bridal outfit. Sample dresses are really ideal for brides who are too short on time to order a custom dress.

To discover all our sample dresses, clic here.

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In conclusion, wearing a second wedding outfit is a great way to change your look and enjoy your special day in Quebec even more. Whether you choose to wear a short wedding dress, a pantsuit or a sample dress, you are sure to find your second outfit at Dream It Yourself! Don’t hesitate to book an appointment and come try on our different options. We are here to help you find your second wedding outfit that will reflect your style and personality on your big day.