The most beautiful simple and minimalist wedding dresses in Quebec

The most beautiful simple and minimalist wedding dresses in Quebec

You are looking for your wedding dress and you can’t find the one that makes your heart beat faster? If so, don’t hesitate : at Dream It Yourself, we are THE boutique in Quebec where you will find the largest selection of simple, minimalist and modern wedding dresses! All in crepe or satin, these wedding gowns are perfect for brides who don’t want to wear a dress with lace or sparkles. Besides, simple and minimalist dresses are among the most timeless and elegant wedding dresses. Thus, they are not part of trends that can pass quickly.

However, the main advantage of wearing a simple wedding dress is that you can accessorize it to your heart’s content! Indeed, they offer a blank canvas for expressing your personal style through unique accessories.

We have prepared a selection of our most beautiful simple and minimalist wedding dresses, so let’s discover them!


By definition, a simple, minimalist wedding dress is the opposite of an extravagant one. The aim of these minimalist dresses is to allow brides to be here in a dress that’s comfortable for them (and isn’t that all we can wish for?). In this way, simple dresses become more discreet, letting the bride be the star of her day with a gentle touch.

What’s more, simple, minimalist wedding dresses can easily be adapted to any wedding style! (See all our accessories here!) Whatever your wedding style, there are plenty of accessories to complete your outfit! If your wedding is taking place in an urban setting, for example, you can choose modern accessories to add a fashionable touch to your outfit. Examples include tulle gloves embroidered with your initials or pearls, or a pretty gold belt. Similarly, if your wedding takes place in a natural setting, you can opt for more romantic jewelry with flowers, for example. The options for accessorizing your beautiful, simple dress are truly endless!

Another big plus in favor of simple, minimalist wedding dresses is that they really do enhance all body types!


If you’re looking for a simple or minimalist strapless wedding dress, these gorgeous gowns will gracefully accentuate your lovely curves. In fact, bustier dresses, which stop at the bust, allow you to show off your shoulders and décolleté. Well-adjusted by the fairy fingers of our seamstresses, bustier dresses will enhance your bust! Very feminine, simple and minimalist strapless wedding dresses will satisfy all your desires to wear a pure dress in Quebec. What’s more, these beautiful dresses will also elongate your silhouette with incomparable elegance. We say “yes”!

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Wedding dresses with straps can often provide more security than strapless gowns for brides who don’t dare take the plunge into a strapless gown. When made of crepe, satin or Mikado, these simple, minimalist wedding dresses bring a touch of timelessness to your Quebec bridal attire while guaranteeing a comfortable fit! What’s more, dresses with slim straps frame the décolleté and shoulders, which continues to enhance the bust. Strapless wedding gowns bring a modern, contemporary twist to a style of dress that can sometimes be more classic. It’s the perfect dress style for pairing an A-line skirt with a fashion-forward top!

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If you’re looking for a wedding dress that will give you a touch of royalty, off-the-shoulder sleeves are the way to go! In fact, these pretty sleeves let you show off your shoulders while covering part of your arms. This style of dress creates an elegant, timeless look like no other. While this sleeve style can sometimes be associated with princesses (for example Belle’s famous yellow dress or Diana’s “revenge dress” come to mind), the “princess” effect is non-existent when the dress is simple, and all that’s left is the very elegant style of off-the-shoulder sleeves. You can therefore choose one of these beautiful dresses for your wedding, which will give you unrivalled support and comfort!

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Another option for wearing a simple, minimalist dress while covering your shoulders is to choose a dress with short sleeves. Indeed, these short sleeves will dress up your shoulders and subtly cover your upper arms while adding refined details to your beautiful simple dress. Remember, simple wedding dresses can easily be adapted to your desires! The details of these dresses are finely crafted, and nothing is left to chance: the designers’ work is particularly exacting on dresses made entirely of crepe or satin. The short sleeves of these simple, minimalist dresses will add dimension and structure to your silhouette.

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Long sleeves add a touch of femininity and elegance to your wedding dress, while covering the arms in style. Arms are beautifully covered and your feminine curves are truly enhanced. In fact, long sleeves add a touch of femininity and elegance to a simple wedding dress, and sublimate every silhouette. While long-sleeved wedding dresses are more often associated with autumn and winter weddings, it’s also possible to choose removable sleeves – whatever the season! The least we can say is that we love this very modern option, which lets you enjoy an exquisite 2-in-1 look!

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Whether you opt for a strapless wedding gown, with straps, off-the-shoulder, short or long sleeves: our simple, minimalist wedding dresses embody inner elegance! Make your Quebec wedding an absolutely memorable day by choosing a wedding dress that reflects your natural beauty and personal style.

You love the dresses in this article and you are ready to find the dress of your dreams? Then don’t wait any longer and make an appointment now to come try on our beautiful, simple and minimalist wedding dresses!