How to get married in Quebec in 2022 when the renowned venues are already booked?

How to get married in Quebec in 2022 when the renowned venues are already booked?

We all know it, Covid-19 had – and still has – effects on the wedding industry. Indeed, all the weddings that should have taken place in 2020 and many of the 2021 weddings have been postponed… in 2022. The year promises to be big for the wedding professionals! It is therefore not uncommon that the most renowned wedding venues are already reserved. In this case, how to get married in Quebec in 2022?

Here is the top 7 of our tips to be able to get married in Quebec even if the places you contacted are already booked for the 2022 summer!

– Tip n°1 : To get married outside of summer –

It is known, wedding season in Quebec is in summer! Are you open to get married outside of the extremely popular months of July and August? Good news: many dates just opened for you!

The advantages of a fall wedding

Hear hear to those who love the fall colours: get married in those beautiful orangey months! This will give you many advantages, first of all having a larger selection of days available to you.

We love the idea to integrate the fall-coloured leaves in your decorations in order to compose with this wonderful season. The blazing colours of fall are so beautiful, you might as well use them!

©Julia Garcia Prat / Organisatrice ©Osez Dire oui

The advantages of a winter wedding

If there is a season that sees the least amount of weddings, it is winter! We can understand that the snow and the cold temperatures can cool down the enthusiasm of some couples, but what unforgettable memories for you and your guests! Speaking of guests: they should be much more available to attend your winter wedding than if it took place in the middle of summer. A huge point in favour of a winter wedding, don’t you think?

Contrary to common belief, what comes out of a winter wedding is… it’s warm and cosy atmosphere! To get married in winter is the opportunity to play with materials and with the light. We remain dumbstruck in front of the beauty of winter weddings photos!

©Jessica Samyn Photographie / Organisatrice ©CM planification

The advantages of a spring wedding

The beautiful months of spring give you the possibility to start the year 2022 with great pomp, and to start on a high note the weddings of the year!

Spring marks the return of summer weather: you can fully enjoy this period of the year when nature is buzzing. Furthermore, the temperatures are still comfortable! You can avoid the summer heatwaves (and the so not sexy sweat) for your big day. At Dream It Yourself, we give spring weddings the green light!

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– Tip n°2 : To get married on a week day –

More and more couples decide to celebrate their love during the week. As a matter of fact, the advantages to get married outside of the week end are numerous, starting by the fact that the venues you will contact (and all your other favourite wedding professionals) will be more available during the week!

Furthermore, the prices are not the same for a celebration on a Tuesday or a Saturday. Couples with limited funds can therefore use this tip to make their dream venue fit into their wedding budget!

We can also see the big advantage to enjoy your guests’ company for a longer amount of time outside of the wedding stress. Think about the possibility to organize not just one day but an entire end of the week for your wedding! Who would say no to party from Thursday to Sunday?

Do not fear that some of your guests might not attend your union during a week day. They would have had to make the trip for your wedding, no matter which day it would have taken place. Those who want to be present will be there, we promise!

– Tip n°3 : To get married at home –

Our third tip to get married in Quebec in 2022 might seem radical: do not get married in a venue! Forget the fully booked calendars of the wedding venues and enjoy the intimate surroundings of a garden or of a family cabin to get married at the date of your choice.

What are the advantages to get married at home? Simply put, you avoid all the inconveniences of some wedding venues! We think especially about the fact that you already know your location by heart and will therefore be able to easily have a precise idea of the decoration possibilities. An other advantage to get married at home: you will have zero time limitation! We say a huge YES to being able to hit the dance-floor until dawn!

However, and against popular belief, to get married at home is not easier than to get married in a venue! If you choose to get married at home, we advise you to prefer an intimate wedding (less than 50 people). Indeed, if you organize a big wedding at home, your to-do list will only get bigger. You will have to rent a tent for the reception, the tableware, the chairs and tables. You will also have to make sure that the kitchen is functional for your caterer. In one word: you will have to think about everything!

This is to say: to get married at home is more appropriate for small weddings! You can read our article about it.

The little thing so romantic that we love at Dream It Yourself with getting married at home: you will be able to come back again and again to the place where you said “yes” to each other.

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– Tip n°4 : To get married in a non-traditional venue –

For those of you who are not ready to make the jump to get married at home, there is another alternative to wedding venues. You can reach out to places that are not specialized in celebrating weddings! By doing this, getting married in Quebec in 2022 will be much more easier by avoiding the other couples’s competition.

So rent a big cabin, reach out to the museum of your city, your favourite theaters or art galleries to rent their spaces! And for the out-of-town spaces lovers, contact farms or orchards.

Your union will be placed under the sign of originality in an unusual venue, and your wedding will be remembered for ages! Discover our article about our selection of unusual places in Quebec.

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– Tip n°5 : To get married in nature –

If there is something that we can all agree upon, it is the astonishing beauty of nature and wide-open spaces. Be daring and make the step to choose the most beautiful of all backgrounds for your photos by organizing a nature wedding.

Same as our third tip, a nature wedding is more appropriate for small weddings. Make sure you have a plan B in case it rains! You could book an AirBnb or a pretty hotel suite close to where you want to get married, in case the weather is not suitable for an outside ceremony. By the way, if you want to have a nature wedding and still enjoy the comfort of an equipped venue, we have a list of the best addresses for a nature wedding in Quebec!

Whether you prefer the beach, the mountain, the lake or the park, you will find what you are looking for in Quebec! Indeed: who says Quebec, says breathtaking nature!

©Francis Fraioli / ©Julia Garcia Prat / ©Julia Garcia Prat

– Tip n°6 : To get married far from big cities –

To get married in a big city of Quebec has a huge advantage: everything is at proximity! There is a lot of wedding professionals, many of your guests live there… But to get married in a big city also has the biggest inconvenience of all: you are in a ferocious competition with the other couples to book your venue!

This is why we advise you to escape from the big cities and to reach out to venues that are further apart from your house. They have the advantage to be less taken by storm and to have more availabilities!

– Tip n°7 : To get married peacefully –

Our last but not least tip to get married in Quebec in 2022 might be the most important one: show some flexibility and imagination! These two allies will bring you more possibilities for your wedding day, and will allow you to progress calmly in your wedding preparations.

There is nothing as beautiful as an orderly, peaceful wedding…

Pierre Charron

If you release some steam for all your wedding preparations (and not only during your venue research), your serenity will help you enjoy this adventure even more!

Finally, you will have the surprise to discover that this quest for the perfect venue is not that insurmountable… Even for a wedding in 2022!