At Dream It Yourself, we do not only offer wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses in Montreal’s Vieux-Port, we also have a selection of accessories! Indeed, whether you are looking for a veil, some jewellery or lingerie for your wedding dress… We have what you are looking for!

First of all, we advise you to think about how you will wear your hair before choosing your bridal accessories. Indeed, the way you will have your hair will influence the choice of your jewels. If you wear your hair detached, your neck and ears will not be as bare as if you wear a bun: the same accessories will not go as beautifully with these hairstyles!

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You want to wear a pair of earrings and you’re not sure which style of accessory will work best with your beautiful wedding dress? If your dress has a strapless top or shoulder straps, you can opt for large, dangling earrings that will dress up your neck. On the other hand, if the top of your dress is already loaded or covers your shoulders, we advise you to choose small and discreet earrings instead.

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The main advantage and interest of hair pins is that they are very versatile! You can put them in a bun, in a braid or even in a semi-attached hairstyle. Also, the picks can be grouped or scattered in your hairstyle, depending on the look you want to have. Just let your imagination (and your hairdresser’s) run wild!

bridal bobby pins dream it yourself


If the combs remain more classic and traditional wedding accessories, they have become much more modern over the years. The materials used are more varied, between metal, pearls, natural flowers and rhinestones: there really is something for everyone!

bridal hair combs dream it yourself


Very modern, headbands and crowns are back on the wedding scene this year! This is a great option to dress up your hair and see this beautiful accessory from the front. Indeed, other accessories such as pins or combs are only seen from the back. So it depends on the look you want for your beautiful wedding outfit… and for your pictures!

bridal headband dream it yourself
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As for the choice of earrings, the choice of your necklace will also depend on your wedding dress. Indeed, if your shoulders and your neckline are free, you can opt for a pretty necklace more or less imposing. On the other hand, if the top of your dress is already loaded and covers you more, we recommend you to wear a very discreet necklace (or even no necklace at all). You can also opt for a beautiful back necklace if your wedding dress has a neckline that shows off your pretty back. This will dress it up with elegance!

bridal necklace dream it yourself


It can be very tempting to wear a beautiful bracelet on your wedding day, but be careful! If your dress is made of tulle and the clasp is spring-loaded, it could get caught in a mesh of the tulle and damage your beautiful dress. It is better to choose a bracelet with a magnetic clasp or a cuff: no risk that it gets caught in your dress!

bridal bracelet dream it yourself


You dream of wearing a veil for your wedding but you don’t know which model to choose? We have veils of different lengths and materials at Dream It Yourself: there is really something for everyone. Is the veil of your dreams made of lace or beads? We have what you need! Because don’t forget that the veil should compliment your beautiful dress and match it. And yes, the veil is making a comeback among the must-have accessories for brides!

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If you’re looking for a little jacket to add the finishing touch to your beautiful wedding outfit and bring you some warmth, we have some great options for you. For fall/winter brides, we have a stunning faux fur jacket that will protect you from the cold. And for spring-summer brides, we have beautiful beaded denim jackets with embroidery hidden in the collar. It’s the perfect finishing touch!

bridal jacket dream it yourself


You are looking for your wedding shoes and you don’t know where to start? Come and try on our beautiful shoes! We are very happy to present our shoes from the Australian brand Forever Soles. Whether you want to wear white or colored shoes, velvet or pearls: we have THE pair for you!

Our lingerie


Back to Glam is a French company, created by a woman, for women. It all started with the simple desire to allow all women to dare to go bareback with confidence (up to a F-G cup)!


If your wedding dress is strapless and doesn’t allow you to wear a bra with straps, we suggest you opt for one of our silicone adhesive bras. This is truly the perfect option to provide support and hold throughout your big day!


Back to glam’s panty was born out of the desire to meet women’s need to feel comfortable in a low-back top, whether for their big day or on a daily basis. Their panty fits the lowest backs perfectly, and is designed to match the backless bra.

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