How to establish your wedding budget

How to establish your wedding budget

To make your marriage to your image, you have to established a budget. It will allow you to visualize which wedding style you want. Furthermore, it will be easier to know your priorities regarding the big day.

To give you an idea, the average wedding in Quebec cost around 17 025$.(Weddingbells and Mariage Québec) However, every wedding is different depending on the couples needs and budget.


First of all, knowing how many guests is a good step to determined the budget which will correspond to your needs. A big marriage with many people will be more expensive than a small intimate marriage. The number of people will influence all the future costs.


Choosing the right location for your marriage will be a big part of your budget. Obviously there’s many choices for all tastes and all prizes. Everything will depend on the atmosphere you want to give to your marriage. When choosing the location, you need to include the cost of many variables such as the security guards, the licence for alcohol, furniture, decorations, etc. All this information is useful to choose the right environment while respecting your budget.

  • Budget: Plan 50 % of your budget for the place, caterer’s service and the alcohol.

Trick: Inquire about the furniture, is it in good condition? Is it already set for your marriage? A place without furniture engendered additional costs.

Trick: If the furniture is basic you can try to give it another look with your decorations and DIY ideas to save moneys.


Caterer’s department is essential needs to occupy a big place in your finances. The budget you decide to dedicate to your caterer is important because the meal will influence the whole experience of your gests.

Trick: For low budgets a a couple choices of appetizers and a buffet would be advantageous.


Alcohol plays a big part in most marriages. It’s important to consider in your budget. Certain caterer offers the service of bar which could be profitable for you. Otherwise, you can always take care to buy bottles of wine, alcohol and to find the ideal barman.


The bride’s dress, the bridesmaid’s dress and alterations have to be considered in your budget. Style of the clothing will give character to your marriage. Your make-up and the hairstyle are not to be neglected. These two aspects will help you to feel great about yourself during the wedding.

  • Budget: Plan approximately $2 500 for the dress of the brid.

Trick: Think of friends with talents in hairstyle and make-up. Like that you could allow yourself more money for other aspects depending on your needs.


To immortalize your wedding, having a talented photographer is always pleasant! You have the freedom to choose the package which will correspond best to your needs. The price range differs according to every artist.

  • Budget: Plan approximately $1000 in $6000 for the photographer

Trick: Take your time to select your photographer. Set appointments and meet with candidates. You need to have a connection and share the same vizion of your wedding so all the emotions can be captured in the pictures.

In conclusion, wedding budget is a big challenge. It is necessary to define your priorities and it helps to make a top 3 that are the most important for you. This small advice will allow you to have an overview on the big and the small expenses.


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