The 2024 wedding trends have arrived in Quebec! Are you ready? What are the Wedding Trends 2024 in Quebec? For future brides seeking inspiration, this article explores the essential trends in terms of attire, decoration, overall ambiance, and guest expectations. We also share, as always, references in Quebec to make your 2024 wedding as trendy as it is realistic. With our advice and inspirations, discover how to make your 2024 wedding in Quebec a unique event.



Wedding cakes are adopting surprising textures in 2024. Opt for artistic creations with raised details, geometric patterns, or textures inspired by nature for a dessert that impresses visually as much as it delights the palate. A trendy wedding cake in 2024 is as aesthetic as it is delicious. We share with you here our list of references in Quebec for a UNIQUE cake, click here!

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Monochromatic flowers

Monochromatic flowers evoke an elegant and harmonious ambiance. Opt for a well-defined color palette and use matching flowers for a refined and sophisticated floral decoration. In 2024, in Quebec, the trend we adore is monochromatic bouquets. Surprisingly, single-colored stems make a sensation in both small bouquets and imposing arrangements. Want a bit of variety? Choose shades within the same hue (light pink, magenta, deep red) for an ombre effect. You can also focus on a timeless single color: WHITE, of course! Are you still on the lookout for the florist of your dreams for your Quebec wedding? Don’t worry, here are our recommendations. Click here.

Destination weddings

Take your guests on an unforgettable journey by opting for an exotic wedding destination. Whether in the heart of the mountains, on a sandy beach, or in a picturesque vineyard, a destination wedding offers a unique and memorable experience. If you prefer to stay in Quebec, especially for ecological reasons, check out our references for the most beautiful venues for a wedding in Quebec now. Click here!

Drone videos

Drone videography adds an extraordinary dimension to capturing your wedding day. Imagine stunning aerial perspectives. Drones not only allow for capturing wide and panoramic shots but also smoothly descend to capture intimate details, such as vow exchanges, knowing smiles, or even the gentle sway of your wedding dress in the wind. This aerial perspective offers limitless creativity, adding a cinematic touch to your wedding film.

Whether you’re organizing your wedding in a rustic setting, by the seaside, or atop a picturesque hill, drone videography transforms every corner of your wedding venue into a visual masterpiece. It’s an innovative and modern way to document your big day, capturing the very essence of your union in a way that transcends the limits of traditional wedding videos. Once again, you can find our recommendations for Quebec videographers here. Click here!


Wedding trend 2024 in Quebec for Brides and Grooms: Bold and Elegant choices !

A wedding dress with “special” sleeves

In 2024, wedding sleeves take on a unique dimension. Opt for dramatic, flared, or ruffled sleeves to add a touch of fantasy to your outfit. What stands out in 2024 is that sleeves are bold. We go beyond the traditional three-quarter sleeve and dare to embrace retro puff sleeves, beaded sleeves, voluminous sleeves, or even those with large loops!

The new chic: A timeless minimalist dress with extraordinary sleeves. At DIY, we advise you to find the perfect dress !

Our advice: Choose the option of detachable sleeves. This allows you to have two looks with the budget of a single dress! Love the idea? Book your appointment at DIY now to find your dream dress, click here!

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Celebrating sensuality

In 2024, in Quebec, wedding dresses feature plunging necklines, open backs, and daring slits. Embrace sensuality while maintaining elegance for an unforgettable look. Don’t hold back—be daring!

The veil, for a dramatic effect

An essential trend this year: the veil makes a grand comeback for a touch of mystery and romance. Choose long veils or ones adorned with delicate details for an even more dramatic effect during your entrance. Feeling a bit lost about the different veil styles? The lengths? When to wear it? Don’t worry, here’s everything you need to know to choose the right veil.

Haute couture outfits : Elegance and Timelessness

Sophistication takes center stage with couture outfits that highlight timeless elegance. Opt for impeccable silhouettes and high-quality fabrics for a decidedly chic look. Explore our collections of wedding dresses, click here !


Guests: new and fun expectations

Audio guest books

BIG NEW TREND: Transform guest testimonials into unforgettable memories with audio guest books. Record the well-wishes and advice of your loved ones to relive these emotional moments at your leisure. Good news, several companies have embraced this trend and offer this service:

Dress code for guests

Disconnected ceremonies but social media more present than ever!

Create a visually consistent atmosphere by imposing a dress code on your guests. Whether it’s a color theme or a specific dress style, encourage everyone’s participation for a harmonious wedding aesthetic. While you have the right to impose a color on your guests, we recommend letting them choose the cut that suits them best. For your bridesmaids, come discover our essential infinity dresses, click here!

It’s noticeable that for 2024, future brides and grooms in Quebec are determined to organize disconnected ceremonies by asking guests to put away their phones. However, this doesn’t mean they won’t make the most of social media with Reels & TIKTOK videos to immortalize the highlights of their day. Create a personalized hashtag to facilitate sharing and online interaction.

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In 2024, weddings in Quebec are a celebration of individuality, boldness, and love. Whether you choose unique attire, innovative decorations, or memorable experiences for your guests, this year promises to be exceptional. Draw inspiration from these trends to create a wedding that perfectly reflects your style and be inspired by the creative energy of this new era!

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