How do I choose the music for my wedding opening ?

How do I choose the music for my wedding opening ?

Your first dance is one of the key moments of your wedding. It is therefore important to choose THE right music for your opening dance: it is often the music that guests remember. It is therefore legitimate to ask the question: How do I choose the music for my wedding opening ?

You and your dear and tender are not music lovers? Choosing the music for your opening dance will therefore not be easy : find music ideas and then agree on a unique music that will please you both. Between hesitation, agreement and envy, the choice can seem complicated… One thing is sure, you must choose it according to your style, your personality and your musical tastes! Traditional waltz or more elaborate choreography?

In this article, Dream It Yourself brings you some practical tips and music ideas to help you answer your question: How do I choose the music for my wedding opening ?

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Even if we are not all gods of dance, the opening of the ball remains a cult moment expected at a wedding. But …  

  • Why ? It’s a unique moment that allows the newlyweds to get together for a moment of music. It is a symbolic moment of complicity between the spouses. The last weeks of wedding preparations are generally quite stressful for both in addition to the over-solicitation. This precise moment allows them to let go since 95% of the wedding has already taken place.   
  • For whom? According to tradition, for the first dance, the bride dances first with her father and the groom with his mother. Then the bride and groom dance together. Over the years, this tradition has become a little bit old school to leave the dance floor only for the newlyweds.
  • At what time? The opening of the ball serves as a transition between the meal and the evening. In fact, the first dance is the moment when the bride and groom start the evening. No one wants to be cut off during “Let’s Groove” of Earth Wind & Fire to help themselves to the buffet.

Now that the basics are set: How do I choose the music for my wedding opening? Here are our tips and ideas for your wedding’s ball opening music :



Your only limit will be your imagination! Do you want to make it simple or sophisticated? Just get up and dance with your partner when it’s time. Turn off all the lights and appear in the middle of the dance floor. Create a surprise by doing a crazy choreography when the music starts. Anything is possible!

  • Just for lovers: Whether it’s a slow dance or a waltz, emotion is guaranteed.

  • A ballroom dance (technical version): A rock? A salsa? A rumba? Or any other ballroom dance? Go for it! (As long as you and your partner feel comfortable enough)

  • A crazy choreography: Worked with a dance professional or completely improvised, the most important thing is that you have fun, let go and ENJOY !

  • In a group: If dance is really not your cup of tea, don’t take this moment too seriously and have fun. Bring your witnesses to the dance floor for why not a dance battle on fire !

  • Or start the party right away: Start the music and just call everyone to join you! We don’t impose anything on each other, no rules!

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Now that you know what your dance style will be, here’s the most important part: your choice of music! “How do I choose the music for the opening dance of my wedding?” To find your song, you will have to filter all your possibilities because there are thousands and thousands of songs. You can do it this way :

  1. Select a music that you both like: Indeed, during your rehearsals (if there are ones) you will have listened to it more than 1000 times. You will have to continue to enjoy it, so if you don’t like it from the first listening, it could be a problem.
  2. Choose one that identifies you: When you listen to it, it reminds you of a moment in your life or a stage in your relationship.
  3. Go on a music that suits you: If you are a dynamic or crazy couple, soft music is probably not for you, turn to more festive music. 
  4. Why not one that gives you an emotion and that you want to transmit! If you want emotion, joy, surprise, a festive spirit or why not laughs? 
  5. Or a music related to your theme.

Treat yourself, this precious moment will last only 5 minutes. Take your time, you will only live this moment once.


The “so romantic”

  • Alicia Keys – If I Ain’t Got You

For an emotional ball opening, this timeless Alicia Keys song is just perfect. 

  • Elton John – Your song

A more recent version, this song has been covered among others by Ellie Goulding, it’s up to you to choose the version that suits you best.

  • Ed Sheeran – Perfect

Music known to all, this song becomes a reference for the ball openings.

  • Christina Perri – A Thousand Years

This song links emotion and sensation. This one evokes an eternal love…

  • John Legend – All of Me

A song with beautiful lyrics, with a rather slow rhythm and tempo, it is entirely adapted to a music for a first wedding dance.


The “retros” that always make their effect

  • Nina Simone – I put a Spell on you

With this title, you will give a jazzy touch to your wedding.

  • Beyonce – At last

A wonderful title. Here a cover by Beyonce, this music exists in many versions : Céline Dion or Christina Aguilera…

  • John Lennon – Stand by me

Magic song originally performed by Ben E. King in the 60s, it was also covered by the incredible John Lennon. Why not be tempted by this fabulous version?

  • Francis Cabrel – Je l’aime à mourir

A beautiful love song that resounds in many weddings, and this ode to love has been taken up by many singers, such as the Spanish version of Shakira, who is also much loved.

  • Aerosmith – I don’t Want to Miss a Thing

This song is a timeless hit signed by the emblematic rock band of the 80s.

The most rhythmic :

  • Beyonce – Crazy in love

Start the evening with this rhythmic music! This track also exists in slow version with the version of Skylar Grey, for a more romantic ball opening.

  • Earth, sweet and fire – Celebration

To set the mood, this one works every time! 

  • Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – Ain’t no mountain high enough

Do you want to do an original choreography on a classic? This is THE song for you. Covered by dozens of artists, it is indeed the version of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrel that you will need to liven things up.


Bonus :

  • Time of my life, extraite de Dirty Dancing

If you feel the soul of a challengers with your other half, you can also start the choreography of the very cult final scene of Dirty Dancing. Be careful to bring the right shoes for the final jump…

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In conclusion, choose music that touches you, that means something to both of you.

It can also be an opportunity to take classes, to share something other than schedules and budgets during the time you are organizing the wedding. And who knows, to discover a new common passion!

You can also surprise the one you like by changing the music :).

Let yourself be guided by the notes, express yourself and make your choice among the countless existing titles, in original or covered versions.

Now, you have all the useful advice that will answer your question: How do I choose the music for the opening of my wedding ball?

Hoping that this article may have opened up a few avenues of research, the main thing is that the music(s) should appeal to the bride and groom. It will be very easy to bring out the emotion in the dance on the wedding day.

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