Tips to choose your bridal shoes properly

Tips to choose your bridal shoes properly

Ladies, we all know: shoes and us, it’s a great love story! Our closets are often full of them, from the pair of pumps for going out to the sneakers, there is something for every occasion. But now that you have found your beautiful wedding dress, you need to find THE pair of shoes that will make you shine on the big day! Dream It Yourself has put together a few tips on how to choose the right wedding shoes to make sure everything goes perfectly on your big day.



Remember that on the day, you will be on your feet, stomping, walking and dancing. You will have very little opportunity to sit down! Comfort is therefore essential. Having sore feet on your wedding day could indeed ruin this incredible day. So take the time to try on several pairs of shoes and walk around in them to choose the one that best suits your daily routine. If you don’t wear a lot of heels, play it safe and choose lower heels to last all day comfortably. We advise you to choose a pair of sandals with square heels, pumps that do not go beyond 7 cm, or wedges to have a good stability on D-day without suffering.

Little tip: It is very important to shop for your shoes at the end of the day. Indeed, your feet are wider and more swollen than at the beginning of the day with the heat. This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises on your big day.


Have you selected a color with your other half that will be used in your wedding, whether it be in your decorations? If so, you can choose to match the color of your wedding shoes to the color of your theme! In fact, white wedding shoes have been replaced by colored ones for a few years now: you can dare to use color and make your feet shine by playing with the contrast with your beautiful wedding dress! This will bring a touch of originality and color to your outfit. The effect will be even more coherent if you match the color of your shoes with the color of your bridal accessories such as your hair accessories, your bouquet, your stole, your jewelry and even with the bow tie or the tie of your other half. For a wedding, every detail counts!


Then, to choose THE right pair of shoes, it is important to keep in mind your wedding venue and season. You will not make the same choice of wedding shoes for a wedding in the country or in a castle because the conditions will not be the same. Indeed, if you are getting married outdoors it will be important to choose square heels that will not sink in the earth, while this problem does not arise in a hall. Also, we advise you to think about the month in which you will say “I do”: the weather conditions are not the same in January or in August! In summer, flat or wedge sandals, pumps or ballerinas will be perfect. For a winter wedding, we recommend a nice pair of closed shoes like ankle boots.


Last but not least, find a pair of shoes that you feel like yourself in. The goal is not to look like the models in the magazines but to feel beautiful and comfortable. You don’t have to wear very high heels! You should wear something that suits your style and habits. Today we have the chance to get out of traditional weddings, to be free and dare a lot of things for the most beautiful day of your life. If you dream of getting married in Converse, go for it!


  • Think of a plan B: after standing all day, your feet might be a little sore. We suggest you take a small pair of ballet flats or sneakers to make sure you end the day in style and can dance the night away. But be careful: the height of the heels must be the same as your other shoes, or you risk tripping over your dress!
  • Don’t make the mistake of putting your shoes on only on the big day and leaving them in their box until your wedding. A few weeks before the big day (or months if you’ve planned ahead), wear your shoes and walk in them to get used to them! This will help you avoid blisters on your big day.
  • Invest in comfortable insoles to slip into your shoes so your feet don’t hurt.
  • Think about anticipating your purchase! If you can, we recommend buying your shoes during the sales. This will allow you to save money that you can spread over other expenses in your wedding budget.



Make an appointment at the showroom to come and try on our bridal shoes! We are very happy to introduce you to the beautiful shoes of the designer Forever Soles that we love. Whether you are looking for colorful, white or pearl shoes, we have the pair of your dreams!

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See you at Aldo for your shoes. This Quebec brand created in Montreal by a Frenchman of Moroccan origin, offers a wide selection of shoes for your dress ranging from pumps, to wedge shoes or flat shoes for comfort. This brand is a brand known and recognized worldwide.


The shoes from the l’Intervalle boutique have managed to seduce shoe lovers with this Quebec label that stands out. The shoes are made in Spain, Italy, and Brazil. And important point, the shoes at l’Intervalle, have a very good quality / price ratio.


Maguire is a Montreal-based company founded by two sisters. Their goal is to make high-end shoes accessible by offering them at a fair price. The designs of these shoes are original and transform the industry – while being extremely comfortable!



This Canadian brand was born in Montreal and offers a wide selection of comfortable boots and shoes. These shoes are very resistant, and will provide great protection. So, for brides getting married in winter in Canada, this brand is for you.

©La Canadienne


Basically, this brand is a brand of bags but has gradually expanded its offer and now offers fashion accessories including shoes with very girly details.


At Semy, you will find high quality handcrafted Italian shoes. Quality shoes with a touch of originality since there is the presence of Swarovski crystals on the shoes.


Mark and Mischka are the duo of designers who are at the brand’s genesis. The duo stands out in the fashion world and also offers a range of shoes for brides who loves glamor.


The largest chain of department stores in Canada, at Hudson’s Bay, you can go shopping for your pair of shoes. This store offers a wide selection of all styles and prices.

©La Baie d’Hudson 



The Loeffler Randall brand is the result of a love story between Cobble and his husband Brian. A brand composed mainly of women, who offer fashion accessories with responsible materials such as marabou feathers. You will fall for these shoes! 


A favorite, this brand created by the talented Rachel, who launched her brand of bridal shoes in 2008. A shoe style with a unique, elegant and retro style and above all, comfortable and available in many colors.


This brand of bridal shoes will delight you! Charlotte Mills, a bold designer, launched her signature bridal shoe brand with a very romantic, avant-garde style and very ‘’girly’’ details with her sequined collection and hearts that will make you shine on D-Day.


Give your outfit a ‘’French touch’’ by choosing Bobbies shoes for your wedding. The French brand rethinks the classics of shoes and brings a touch of originality with a small braid, fringe, bold patterns and true colors.


This website ASOS everyone knows offers a wide selection of shoes for your wedding where you will find all the possible colors and most importantly, for all budgets.