Shopping for the groom’s outfit in Montréal

Shopping for the groom’s outfit in Montréal

This week, we present you the right places to shop for the groom’s outfit in Montreal. We also want to highlight the misters on our blog!

As we all know, the lady’s dress takes a very important place in the preparation of the wedding. We tend to focus ALL our attention on the bride: her dress, her arrival at her father’s side at the ceremony and her bridal makeup. What about the gentleman’s place in all of this? The groom is also beautiful on the big day. Times have changed and customs have evolved. Let’s put an end to clichés, today’s man gets involved in the choice of his outfit and pays special attention to details to be perfect on the big day. Shopping for the groom’s outfit is now as important as the choice of the bride’s dress!

In recent years, many concept stores have appeared with a real accompaniment and a very personalized experience for the groom. Before making your choice, the most important things to be considered are comfort and to choose a suit that matches your personality. Just like the choice of dress of the bride to be, certain criteria are to be respected. Here are some tips to help you shop the perfect outfit :


Depending on the season of your wedding and its vibe, you will choose the most suitable material. In winter, you will tend to go more towards a standard wool or tweed costume. As for the summer, the linen costumes are a great success.


Harmonize the colour of your costume with your wife’s dress (if she is willing to give you some hints), but also with the vibe and theme of the wedding. What is the spirit of your wedding? Whether it’s Boho, romantic, retro or country, the desired universe for your wedding will also have an impact on the colour of your suite. The costumes with colours are becoming trendier (forest green, burgundy red, mustard yellow…) Dare to choose colour! Grey or Navy blue remains a classic. They are timeless options that work very well and are a sure value.


Deciding on the cut of your suit is the hardest part. Choosing the wrong cut is probably a common biggest mistake. A suit that is well cut and adjusted to your morphology will make all the difference. In order to have a suit with a suitable fit, you must think of well-defined criteria: the size of the jacket, the length of the pants, the width of the collar, etc. Listen to the professionals, they will help you make the right choice based on your morphology (trust them, they know more than Mom or Stepmom about the cut that is right for you!)


And here we are at the end of the process. To embellish the whole thing, and to overthrow the assembly on the big day, bet on the right accessories. These will allow you to make all the difference and above all, to reveal your personality. For a dandy effect, embellish everything with a vest. Tie or bow tie? Straps for a vintage atmosphere? You can also add a handkerchief, a flower on the buttonhole or cufflinks that will recall the theme of your wedding. On the shoe side, you can even go further in detail by choosing coloured laces.

As you will have understood, to meet all the criteria, the must of the must is to make half-measure or custom-made. You would be amazed at the prices. Find out by inquiring, it is possible to find beautiful costumes at affordable prices. Here is a list of shops in Montreal to find the groom’s costume.

Discover our list of professionals and shops to find the groom’s costume :


Blandin & Delloye’s sapproach is simple: to return to the main principles of the traditional tailoring by adapting them to current trends. From a sense of hospitality, exchanges, time spent with the client, technical knowledge of the business are all elements that this company wanted to put at the heart of their concept. You’ll feel like you’re going back in time. You will be immersed in a friendly and cozy gentlemen’s «club» vibe that evokes the atmosphere and service of yesteryear. Each person is received individually for 1h30 to 2h in a private lounge. There is a real exchange between the advisor and the client.

©Les amours sauvages /©Blandin & Delloye /©Jessica Samyn


Located in Downtown Montreal, this boutique befits its name since it offers a completely 100% tailor-made service for the costume. Once you push the door to leading you to the store, you will be completely seduced by the quantity of materials, the fabrics itself, the option of colours you can select. Whether it is the choice of the collar, the lining, the colours, the materials, even the pockets and buttons, every detail is carefully selected.

This boutique SURMESUR also offers to privatize the space with your witnesses, dads or guests to choose together your costumes for an unforgettable evening.



Maison Brümel‘s motto is to offer the gentleman a perfect experience to find his costume. Experts advise you throughout the process to choose what works best for you. The costumes are made in factories in Europe and they work with the best Italian wools for a perfect rendering.

 ©Ness photographie / ©Marie-Ève Rompré ©Me4you


Here’s another great address in Montreal to shop the Gentleman’s outfit. Suitablee is a boutique that offers a personalized experience. In addition, their measurement process is very efficient and of incredible accuracy that ensures a perfect rendering. Good customer experience guaranteed !



M/2 Boutiques does not offer tailor-made services, they will give you personalized advice in choosing your costume. The team of experts is committed to helping you find the right costume for your wedding. Customer service is their priority and they offer distinguished and refined products of unparalleled elegance.

©M2/boutiques / © Arianne BT / ©M2boutiques 

To conclude, we hope that you enjoyed this article and that it gave you ideas and inspirations to find the perfect outfit for the Gentleman in your life. You now have the right addresses for your darling’s costume, discover now the wedding dress collections at Dream It Yourself