The most beautiful dresses for an intimate wedding in Quebec

The most beautiful dresses for an intimate wedding in Quebec

For the past few years, the organization of weddings has been a bit shaken up. We can see that couples from Quebec are planning more and more weddings in a more intimate setting, in small groups. Therefore, the trend is no longer towards large weddings of 200 guests, but rather towards weddings of 80 to 100 people maximum. But in this case, what wedding dresses are suitable for an intimate wedding in Quebec?

At Dream It Yourself, we’re happy to have modern and bohemian wedding dresses that work for all types of weddings… especially intimate ones! In fact, our selection of dresses is far from the traditional wedding dresses (like princess dresses that can be seen from far away), which makes them especially suitable for smaller weddings. We give you all our advice to choose THE wedding dress for your wedding!


If the intimate wedding is becoming more and more popular, what is it exactly? Choosing to say “I do” in a small group means choosing not to gather all the family and friends, and to invite only the people you are closest to. In general, we speak of an intimate wedding when the list of guests does not exceed 50 people. It is a little your “dream team” without whom you do not envision to get married. The most important thing to remember is that the size of the wedding does not make it beautiful! An intimate wedding will then allow you to have a wind of freedom in your organization: the decisions will not be dictated by the capacity of the place, but only by your desires.

It is also, and above all, the best way to fully enjoy the people you and your partner are closest to! Indeed, when you say “I do” to your other half in a small group, the emotion will really be there and you will be able to savor every moment with your close circle. You will not have to think about satisfying the desires of your dozens of guests: the only people who count in an intimate wedding are you two!

Another advantage of intimate weddings is the ability to extend the event over an entire weekend! In fact, since the number of guests is smaller, your budget should be smaller as well. Therefore, this allows you to prolong the pleasure and organize a second day of celebrations… and who says second day of wedding, says second outfit! Indeed, it prolongs the pleasure of being the star. And between you and me, who would say no to this prospect? Certainly not us!

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You have chosen to get married in a small group with your other half, but how to dress for this big day? We advise you to avoid “big” wedding dresses for your intimate wedding in Quebec, and to prefer simpler dresses. In short, choose a dress that truly reflects your union!

A simple and elegant wedding dress

At a small intimate wedding, the atmosphere is often more relaxed than at a large wedding. You can therefore opt for a simple and minimalist wedding dress in which you will be comfortable and which will emphasize your silhouette. A simple crepe or satin dress is particularly suitable for intimate weddings!

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A light and boho wedding dress

An intimate wedding can be held in a more casual setting, such as a beach or garden. It is therefore important to choose a light and comfortable dress that will allow you to move around easily and enjoy your day. Chiffon or tulle dresses are also perfect for an outdoor wedding!

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A short wedding dress

Wearing a short wedding dress to an intimate wedding can be a great idea! Indeed, short dresses are less traditional than long wedding dresses. These dresses can be more casual and comfortable. Moreover, they are also more practical for outdoor summer weddings, where it can get hot quickly (like at the beach for example)!

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A pair of pants

If you are a bride-to-be who never wears dresses or skirts, why not opt for a jumpsuit or a pantsuit? After all, it’s YOUR day! It is important to choose a dress that looks and feels like you. No matter what the wedding conventions are! By organizing an intimate wedding, you are already leaving behind many traditions: you might as well go all the way! We advise you to choose an outfit that is 100% your image.

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Matching bridal accessories

Finally, it is important to choose accessories that match your wedding dress! If your dress is rather simple, we advise you to choose discreet accessories so that your outfit is well harmonized. Similarly, if you choose a boho wedding dress, you can choose floral jewelry.

As you will have understood, an intimate wedding in Quebec does not require the same organization as a more traditional wedding… and this goes as far as the wedding dresses! Don’t forget that there is nothing more beautiful than a wedding that reflects your image, that looks like you 100%. It is our specialty at Dream It Yourself to help you find THE dress among all our wedding dresses!

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