How much does a wedding dress cost? Prices and budget in Quebec

How much does a wedding dress cost? Prices and budget in Quebec

What is the average price of a wedding dress in Quebec? What budget and cost should be planned for a wedding dress in Montreal? The search for the perfect wedding dress is an exciting step, but it can also raise questions about associated costs. We are here to help you navigate the world of wedding dress prices and planned a realistic budget.

What is the average price of a wedding dress?

In 2023, in Quebec, the average price of a wedding dress was $2,500 + taxes. However, the price range can vary considerably based on several criteria. Generally, in Quebec, prices for haute couture wedding dresses range between $1,500 and $4,500. Some high-end options can even reach $20,000 or more (not with us, don’t worry!).

At DIY, our dress prices start at $1,800 + taxes. The most high-end dress in our collection is $6,000 + taxes.

There is no “inappropriate” budget for a wedding dress. The key is to determine the amount you want to allocate to your wedding dress, considering both your means and preferences. Like any purchase, it is crucial to have expectations consistent with your budget.

Our best advice: Opt for transparency by sharing the budget you have planned for your wedding dress. Let our expert team know so they can present you with a selection of dresses perfectly in line with your budget. We are here to make your dress selection experience stress-free.

Our price ranges for our wedding dresses

Between 1800$ and 2000$

Between 2000$ and 3000$

Between 3000$ and 4000$

Above 4000$

Factors influencing the price

1. Style and complexity of the dress

Dress styles vary significantly, from simplicity to sophistication. Complex details can influence the price: the fluidity of lines, precision of finishes, bodice structure, hem details, etc.

Contrary to what one might think, a “simple” dress is not necessarily “easier” to make than a princess dress. Each seam must be executed with meticulous precision, and the dress’s cut must evoke a “WOW” effect without relying on embellishments.

Keep in mind: Determine the general style you like the most, but remain open during fittings to try different things that might equally please you. If your budget is clearly expressed to the sales consultant, you can count on us to make a selection that aligns with it.

2. Choice of materials and fabrics

The cost of a wedding dress is closely linked to the materials used in its making. High-quality fabrics such as silk, lace, and silk crepe can significantly influence the price of your precious outfit. Therefore, the choice of materials can highly determ the final price of your wedding dress.

The refinement of delicate French lace, the sensuality of silk, or the timeless elegance of silk crepe offer varied options, each imparting a unique touch to the dress. However, it is up to each bride to determine her preferences.

Do you prefer French lace or do you like cotton embroideries, for example? There is no wrong choice. Both options can be harmonious and captivating in their own way. However, it is important to note that the choice of materials will directly impact the final cost of your dress.

Superior quality fabrics can add a luxurious dimension and a pleasant feel to your outfit, but this will also be reflected in the price. When deciding on the fabric for your wedding dress, consider your budget and personal preferences.

3. Ready-to-wear vs. haute couture

Another crucial consideration when choosing your wedding dress is deciding between ready-to-wear and bespoke. Ready-to-wear dresses often offer a quick and affordable solution. In this case, the styles are pre-designed with no customization options. You choose the size that fits you and is in stock. Ready-to-wear dresses often use less noble materials and are more affordable, sometimes around $500.

On the other hand, haute couture offers a bespoke experience. The fabrics used are often of the highest quality, providing a luxurious feel and impeccable aesthetics. This customization and quality are generally reflected in the prices. When saying “YES TO THE DRESS” for a haute couture dress, your measurements will be taken, and a dress will be specifically made for you.

At DIY, for our wedding dresses, we only offer a selection of haute couture dresses.

4. Deadlines

An important aspect to consider when choosing your wedding dress concerns creation deadlines, especially if you opt for a haute couture dress. This process involves creating a custom-made dress specifically for you. From the initial design to the final realization, it takes 4 to 6 months for creation. You should also add the delivery time for your dress (especially if it is made outside of Canada) and the time needed for the seamstress to make your alterations. Therefore, it is advisable to choose your wedding dress between 1 year and 8 months before your wedding.

If your deadline is shorter, “rush order” fees may be added by the creator, thus increasing your wedding dress budget. Rush order fees generally range around $300, depending on each creator and the specified deadline.

What can make a difference: Start your wedding dress search early enough to ensure you have the time needed for fittings and adjustments. It’s better to choose your dress too early than too late!

Additional fees not to forget:

  • Budget for alterations with the seamstress
  • Cost of transporting your dress (included at DIY)
  • Possible customs fees (included at DIY)
  • Cost of pressing after the wedding
  • Cost of your accessories to complete your look

1. Budget for alterations with the seamstress

Don’t forget to allocate a portion of your budget for necessary alterations with the seamstress. These adjustments will ensure that your dress fits perfectly to your silhouette. If you buy a dress online, second-hand, or from a store that does not offer alteration services, make sure to have a good reference for a seamstress experienced in altering wedding dresses. It’s crucial!

At DIY, we will assist you in the alteration process. Specifically, when we receive your dress, a fitting is scheduled in our showroom with our seamstress. We define alterations together, answer all your questions about adjustments, and ensure that you are satisfied with your dress. After this appointment, a quote will be sent to you by our seamstress. The connection with our seamstresses is a free service that we offer to all our brides (and only to our DIY brides). We do not take any commission on alterations charged by our seamstress so that the cost of these is as low as possible for you. At DIY, the cost of alterations generally varies between $350 and $500 for alterations that do not involve modifications.

It is important to note that in stores in Quebec outside of DIY, the average cost of alterations can range from $500 to $1,000. This is a relatively significant budget to consider in your overall budget.

2. Customs fees

Have you ever ordered a favorite product online, then discovered with surprise that you had to pay a third of its price in customs fees to retrieve your package? If you order a dress online, don’t forget to take customs fees into account.

For local boutiques like ours, the shipping and creator’s customs fees are, of course, included in the selling price of your wedding dress. So, no bad surprises to expect on that side.

3. The cost of post-wedding dry cleaning

After the big day, your wedding dress deserves special attention. Don’t forget to include the cost of dry cleaning in your post-wedding budget to ensure that your dress is carefully preserved as a memento of this memorable day.

Note: Do you want to keep your dress in perfect condition after your big day? IT DESERVES IT. Check out all our tips, advice, and recommended places here to preserve your wedding dress.

We wholeheartedly recommend the dry cleaning services of ECOLOGICAL CLEANERS MONT ROYAL.

4. The cost of accessories to complete your look

Complete your look with elegant accessories. Don’t forget to include in your budget items such as jewelry, shoes, veil, footwear, and any other accessory that will add a finishing touch to your attire, creating the perfect ensemble for your special day.

Our advice: Don’t choose your accessories until you’ve chosen your dress. Firstly, the style of your dress will determine accessories that will harmonize. Secondly, you’ll have a better idea of the budget you can allocate to your accessories after knowing the exact price of your wedding dress (priority to the dress. It’s the masterpiece of your look!).

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Conclusion: Finding the Perfect Balance

Finding the ideal wedding dress while staying within your budget is possible with careful planning. Don’t forget to explore our collections where you’ll discover beautiful dresses suited to different budgets and styles. Make your special day an unforgettable moment without compromising your finances.

Your dream begins here, with DIY in Montreal.