How to create your wedding website in Quebec?

How to create your wedding website in Quebec?

Among all the tools that exist for the organization of a wedding, one of them is taking more and more place in Quebec: the wedding website. The engaged couples, once launched in the preparations of the organization of their wedding, can indeed choose to create a website dedicated to their wedding. Although it is not mandatory to create one, personalized wedding websites are more and more favored by couples!

Discover all our advice, tips and tricks regarding the creation of YOUR wedding website, the one that looks like you and allows you to let your imagination run free!


It is above all a precious tool for your guests, who will be able to refer to it to find all the necessary information. You will no longer be solicited by half of your guests, either by email or by phone! Moreover, it also allows you to easily collect RSVPS: forget about the endless Excels to complete, the site will compile the answers for you. It’s also where you can collect the meal choices of your guests if you offer them several options. Finally, it is on your website that you can inform your guests of any changes that may occur during your preparations!


While it is obviously possible to customize your wedding website as you wish, certain information is essential to include. Indeed, keep in mind that your wedding website will serve as a reference for all your guests: all these people must find all the key information of your wedding in Quebec!

Among other things, you must therefore indicate on your website:

  • The date of your wedding
  • The address of your wedding venue
  • Directions to your wedding location (especially if access is difficult)
  • The events to which all your guests are invited
    (For example, do not indicate that you are having a brunch the day after your wedding if this event is reserved for your bridal party and parents)
  • Accommodation options near your venue
  • The dress code
  • Your wedding registry (or a link to an online money pot)
  • The RSVPS of your guests
site mariage Québec
Organization : ©Chic & Champagne | Photographer : ©Bianca des Jardins


When should you put your wedding website online?

We recommend that you create your wedding website and share it with your guests between one year and 6 months before your wedding date in Quebec. This allows you to add updates as you finalize your preparations, while sharing key information as soon as you have it! We also recommend that you activate notifications when you create your wedding website: this way, everyone who has access to your site will be kept informed of your changes!

How can you share your wedding website address?

You have two options to easily communicate the address of your wedding site to your guests: with your Save-the-date or your wedding invitations. It depends on your organization and how far along you are in your preparations! If you haven’t sent your save-the-date yet, it’s the piece of stationery that contains the least amount of information, so it’s the perfect place to add your website address. However, if you have already sent it, don’t worry! Simply put your wedding venue address on a small card and slip it in with your wedding invitations. Another solution to communicate your wedding website address is to create a QR code. More aesthetic than writing the website address, this means of communication has developed in recent years and is very popular!

Do you need to protect access to your website?

Our answer is simple: YES! It is a website that you are going to put online on the Internet. If it is not protected by a password, the entire population of the world has potential access to it… If you want to avoid that curious or undesirable people invite themselves to your celebration, you must limit the access to your site. Simply make it accessible only via a password, which you will communicate to your guests at the same time as the address of your site.

Is it necessary to create a custom URL?

If you have this option, don’t hesitate! It makes your wedding website all the more “yours” with an address that uniquely reflects your couple. Plus, it makes for a shorter URL – and therefore easier for your guests to remember!

Here is an example of a non-personalized URL: and a personalized URL: You will recognize that it is easier to remember one than the other!

Pay attention to the accessibility of your wedding website

More and more people are using their cellphones rather than their computers to check websites or emails. We therefore recommend that you test the rendering of your wedding website on your mobile phones before sharing the address of your website. This will allow you to adjust the layout of your site if necessary and make it more accessible to all your guests.


Add information about your couple

In order to make your wedding website really unique and personal, just like your couple, we advise you to talk… about you! You can write a short text presenting your story, starting with your meeting and ending with your engagement proposal (if it is recent). Without going into too much personal detail, think that this text will allow all your guests to know you well and it will allow them to learn a little more about you before coming to celebrate your love!

By the way, if you had the chance to organize a photo session for your engagement party, don’t hesitate to add some of them on your website! It’s the perfect place to share those beautiful photos with your guests (and between you and me, do we really need a reason to share photos where you look particularly beautiful?).

Introduce the key people of your wedding

In addition to recalling the highlights of your relationship, your wedding website is also the perfect place to introduce your loved ones! Indeed, not everyone who will attend your wedding will have had the chance to meet your parents or the different members of your wedding party. We therefore advise you to dedicate a page of your website to these important people in your life, including a nice picture and a short presentation text per person. All your guests will be able to recognize your parents or your bridesmaid on the big day!

Explain your traditions or customs (cultural or religious) that will take place during your wedding

Not all the people who will be present at your wedding belong to the same community or practice the same religion as you. Therefore, in order to help them feel included in your ceremony, we advise you to indicate (and explain) on your wedding site the different rites you will practice! This way, all your guests will be even more delighted to share this beautiful moment with you.

Keep a consistent visual

If you have already thought about the visuals of your Save-the-date and wedding invitations, we advise you to reuse them for your wedding website. This will give a visual harmony to your stationery, whether it is digital or paper!

Add photos once your big day is over

What better way to share your Quebec wedding photos than to add some of them on your website? You can also add a link to your photographer’s complete gallery if you wish. It’s really the perfect place to continue the excitement of your beautiful day! Don’t forget that you can also share some of your honeymoon pictures once you’ve had a chance to enjoy it!

site mariage Québec
Organization : ©Chic & Champagne | Photographer : ©Bianca des Jardins


There are many platforms that allow you to create your wedding website from Quebec. Some of them are free, while others require that you pay a subscription (monthly or yearly) to use their services.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of platforms on which you can create your website:

  • WordPress : This platform, which exists in French and English, is free
  • Squarespace : This platform, which exists in French and in English, is not free
  • Wedding Wire : This platform, which exists only in English, is free
  • The Knot : This platform, which exists only in English, is free
  • Zola : This platform, which exists only in English, is free
  • Appy Couple : This platform, which exists only in English, is not free