Harmonize the wedding vibes with your outfits

Harmonize the wedding vibes with your outfits

Wondering how to harmonize the vibe of your wedding with your outfits? To help you in the preparations for your wedding we have imagined 3 different universes declined with the outfits for madam and for gentleman.


Your wedding  proposal has passed, you have said YES and you are at the beginning of your preparations. But everything gets mixed up in your head. You have already imagined so many things, you already have about ten Pinterest paintings with your inspirations.

But now that your wedding is becoming a reality, you have to make choices. You want your reception to be perfect, to reflect your personality and to reflect your couple?  The question of the universe and your outfits is a very difficult choice to think about and take the time to make.

Before taking decisions, please remember a few points:

  • It’s YOUR wedding, so listen to your desires,
  • Make all the decisions with your future husband,
  • Take into account the season of your wedding,
  • Define a common thread that will be applied to the whole wedding and do not change again,
  • Make yourself trendy boards of the atmospheres you would like,
  • Determine a total budget for yourself and define the budget items,

Now, discover below the 3 universes we have put forward to give you ideas to harmonize the universe of your wedding to your outfits:


To begin with, we want to highlight the Boho universe. A very fashionable universe, the BOHO style has won the hearts of many of our newlyweds. It is a universe that calls for freedom, letting go, and unlimited inspiration that will make your wedding an unforgettable day :

Discover now the combos univers & outfit for a boho wedding :

For a Boho wedding, choose places such as: an old barn, a farmhouse, a yurt, a tipi, a garden, a field, by a lake. Decorate with accessories such as cushions, patterned carpets, wood, dried flowers, garlands of light, flags, all around natural colours.

To harmonize with the universe, for outfits choose :

  • For lady : choose a dress with strong lace like cotton guipure, flared sleeves or off shoulder, nude or blush lining to give a romantic and hippie style and why not a slit in the skirt for a casual style.
  • For gentleman : opt for a suit with a vintage look in raw colours, accessorize with straps, a hat, a patterned new butterfly. For this style, you can even wear a chino that goes perfectly with the wedding universe.
  • For beauty : for styling :  for the hairstyle, let your hair live and dare to style it in perfect harmony with the boho universe. Let yourself be tempted by a XXL flower wreath or a head jewelry that emphasizes originality. For make-up, opt for natural, soft and luminous shades.


Then, we honour the vibe of a rural wedding. If you are a lover of wide open spaces, the great outdoors, flowers and natural materials, then opt for a rural wedding atmosphere. A simple universe that will give a lot of authenticity to your wedding.

Discover now the combos univers & tenue for a rural wedding :

For a rural wedding, there are a thousand and one possibilities to find a place in accordance with the theme. You can go to: a manor house, an old mill, a family house, an estate around the vineyards, a farmhouse in Provence or even your garden. A place in the middle of large spaces that gives way to a wide choice of decoration. Choose materials such as linen and pastel tones. Make large wooden tables with wicker chairs, also put garlands of light, flowers from everywhere, with jute table runners.

To perfectly match the country universe, for outfits turn towards :

  • For madam : the ideal for a country wedding is a dress with a flowing skirt, small 3/4 sleeves, lace tips, and you can also opt for a bare back.
  • For gentleman: orient yourself towards a suit with bold colours such as fir green, burgundy, royal blue, brown, anthracite grey, beige. Add a touch of country with a liberty bow tie or fresh flowers in your buttonhole. The vest under the suit can be a plus.
  • For beauty : For hairstyling, go for something simple with a tousled bun, a head accessory with natural flowers or dried flowers. For beauty, go for romantic shades such as nude.


Finally, we offer the world of an elegant wedding. Between harmony, grace and minimalism, so many qualifiers to define the universe of an elegant wedding. This universe will give a huge breath of romanticism and beauty to your day.

Discover now the combos univers & tenue for an elegant wedding:

For an elegant wedding, head towards a manor house, an old mill, a castle. The place will already have a beautiful soul but add noble materials such as silk. Choose a traditional calligraphy for your invitations, rent an old luxury car, put on very impressive candlesticks and floral arrangements, and we recommend colours around white, ivory and nude.

Pour rester en lien avec l’univers, pour les tenues adoptez  :

  • For madam: choose a dress with a rather classic cut and focus on noble materials such as silk, silk crepe or organza. Don’t be afraid to take on a pretty train either.
  • For gentleman: a dark blue, grey or black three-piece suit where black would be ideal and conclude it all with a bow tie, a tie or a plain lavaliere.
  • For beauty : for styling, choose a puffy bun or one that is curled with delicate head jewelry and for beauty, have a bright complexion and emphasize the beauty of the eyes and lips.

In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed this article and that it gave you ideas and inspiration to harmonize your wedding universe with your outfits.  If you don’t have a place for your wedding yet, you can find some selections like the beautiful places for a natural wedding in Quebec, where you can discover a selection of unusual places to get married in Quebec.