5 tips to shop your wedding dress

5 tips to shop your wedding dress

We give you our 5 tips to shop your wedding dress!

Let’s be honest, choosing the wedding dress is usually a rather stressful step in organizing a wedding.

Find the dress of your dreams, be the most beautiful on D-day, have the favorite, surprise his half … so many elements that can sometimes impress future brides.

As wedding experts, here are our recommendations for a happy and serene wedding dress shopping.

Inspire yourself (but not too much!)

In many ways, Pinterest and Instagram can be both your best friends and your worst enemies.

We recommend using the internet to find the wedding dresses that will inspire you the most. This will help you to select the shops where you will make an appointment. During your fitting, do not hesitate to show your favorite dresses to the person who welcomes you.

However, also give the chance to other dresses that could make your heart beat!

The shop assistant is there to support you and guide you in your choices. It’s not uncommon to have a crush on a dress very different from “the dress of our dreams”.

Robe de mariée Dream it Yourself Montreal
Photo: Julia Garcia-Prat

Be demanding

Choosing your wedding dress is an important decision and often a big budget. You can ask for exceptional hospitality and impeccable quality.

You shouldn’t be under pressure to uy your dresss. The deadlines for creating bridal gowns by independent designers are long (4 to 6 months) because they are exceptional pieces.

If you are not sure of your choice, give yourself a good night of sleep and take time to take the advice of those around you.

Showroom conseil robe de mariée Dream It yourself
Photo: Julia Garcia-Prat

Be yourself

Too often we receive brides who have been reproached for not having the perfect morphology for the ideal dress. Refuse this type of argument. The dress and the cut of your dress must be adapted to your morphology, not the opposite.

Also be sure to choose a dress that suits your personality and remember that it’s important to be comfortable in your dress!

During your fitting, and if you have a crush on a dress, don’t stay static in front of the mirror. Walk with it, move, dance, sit down … , make sure that you will be comfortable and comfortable with it during the most beautiful day of your life.

Happy brides Dream it Yourself
Photo: Gabrielle Desmarchais

Anticipate and prepare your appointment

To avoid adding the pressure of a last minute choice, we strongly recommend that you begin your fitting at least 6 months before the date of your wedding.

Once your chosen dress, and beyond the happiness that it provides, you can start your hair and makeup fittings and choose your accessories! Why wait for the last moment?

Don’t forget that most bridal dress shops receive by appointment. Don’t stop by unexpectedly, you risk not being received as you deserve.

At Dream It Yourself, making appointments even allows you to privatize our entire Showroom only for you and your loved ones. Thus, you enjoy fully and in total privacy of this unique moment.

Rendez-vous dream it Yourself
Photo: Julia Garcia-Prat

Enjoy it!

Gather your friends and family for your fitting. It’s part of the joys of marriage and it’s a special moment to enjoy.

The emotions experienced when you go to find your wedding dress are intense and extraordinary. It’s always very touching for us to share this moment with you !


Dream it Yourself happy bride
Photo: Cathy Lessard

We look forward to welcoming you and showing you the designers we love!