5 tips to shop your wedding dress

5 tips to shop your wedding dress

Here are our tips and tricks for shopping for your wedding dress! Let’s face it, choosing a wedding dress is usually a pretty stressful part of planning a wedding. Finding the dress of your dreams, being the most beautiful on the big day, falling in love, surprising your other half… there are so many elements that can sometimes overwhelm brides-to-be!

As wedding experts, here are our recommendations for a happy and serene wedding dress shopping experience!


In many ways, Pinterest and Instagram can be both your best friends and… your worst enemies. We recommend that you use the internet to search for the wedding dresses that will most inspire you, as this will help you select the boutiques where you will make your appointment(s). So don’t hesitate to show your favorite dresses to the person who welcomes you at your fitting.

But don’t forget to give other dresses a chance, too!

The boutique consultant is here to accompany you and guide you in your choices. It’s not uncommon to fall in love with a dress that’s very different from “your dream dress”, we promise! That’s why it’s so important to start your fittings with an open mind, ready to try on different styles.



Choosing your wedding dress is an important decision, and one that often involves a substantial budget. You have every right to expect exceptional service and impeccable quality, both in terms of service and the dress itself.

Under no circumstances should you feel pressured. Independent designer wedding dresses take a long time to create (4 to 6 months) because they are exceptional pieces, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give you a moment’s thought.

If you’re not sure of your choice during your appointment, don’t hesitate to give yourself a good night’s reflection – or take the time to ask your friends and family for their opinion! Make sure it’s YOUR wedding dress!

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Unfortunately, all too often we hear from brides who have had to deal with inappropriate and insulting comments about their morphology. Refuse such remarks: there is simply no such thing as the perfect body type for a wedding dress! The dress must be adapted to your body type to make you look your best, not the other way around!

Make sure you choose a dress that suits your personality, and in which you feel beautiful and comfortable. It’s essential that you feel comfortable in your wedding dress, because you’ll be wearing it all day – and all night!

So don’t just stand there in front of the mirror! Walk, move, do your best dance moves, sit down… In short, make sure you’re comfortable and at ease for the duration of the most beautiful day of your life.



To avoid adding to the pressure by making a last-minute choice, we strongly recommend that you start your fittings between 1 year and 8 months before your wedding date. In fact, it takes about 6 months to create a wedding dress and about 2 months for alterations with our seamstress.

An added bonus: once you’ve approved your wedding dress, you’ll be able to try on your hair and make-up! And afterwards, you can also choose your accessories. Why wait until the last minute when you can do it in advance?

Please note that the majority of wedding dress boutiques receive customers by appointment only. We therefore advise you not to show up unannounced, as you risk not being received as you deserve!

At Dream It Yourself, making an appointment allows us to privatize one of our spaces just for you and your loved ones. So you can enjoy this unique moment in complete privacy with your small group.

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Trying on wedding dresses is a special moment in a woman’s life when you can gather your friends and close family. Choosing THE wedding dress is one of the pleasures of wedding preparations, and a special moment to enjoy!

The emotions involved in finding your wedding dress can be intense and extraordinary. That’s why we advise you to bring just 3 people with you, as this is a precious moment that deserves to be experienced in the privacy of your inner circle. It’s always touching for us to share with you a bride’s favorite moments for her beautiful dress!



We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our designers!