How to choose the right wedding veil in Quebec?

How to choose the right wedding veil in Quebec?

You are a future bride from Quebec and you dream of wearing a veil during your wedding… but you don’t know which model to choose?
We explain to you, step by step, all the different veils that exist, and which one to choose for YOUR beautiful wedding dress. Because beware, not all veils go with all wedding dresses!

Traditionally, the veil was an in-dis-pen-sa-ble item for brides on their big day. The decline of religion in our society has meant that brides have left the veil aside. In recent years, however, brides in Quebec have re-appropriated the wedding veil as an accessory in its own right. And who says bridal accessory, says endless options!

Whatever you decide regarding your veil, it should be chosen after your wedding dress. Indeed, the veil must compliment the dress and agree with it. Remember that it is the wedding dress that is the centerpiece of your outfit, not the veil! If you want to wear a wedding veil that is passed down in your family in Quebec, we advise you to take it with you during your fittings. You will be sure that it goes well with the dress of your dreams.

The veil lengths

The voilette

A voilette is ideal to give a slightly vintage and glamorous touch to your wedding outfit! It hangs on a corner of the head and covers the face with elegance. The bridal voilette can be paired with a fascinator hat, a headband or can simply be held in place with barrettes. It’s up to you to accessorize it!

The shoulder veil

The “shoulder length” veil comes between the shoulders and the middle of the bride’s back. This length is perfect for showing off the back of your beautiful wedding dress, because this veil won’t hide it. Very trendy with a double layer of tulle and a lot of volume, it is a veil that is perfect for modern dresses!

The elbow veil

This is one of the most popular bridal veil lengths because the elbow length veil can go with almost any wedding dress! Indeed, as it comes to the waist of the bride, this veil can blend smoothly into the dress without any difficulty.

The finger veil

This veil arrives at the level of the hands, which allows brides to catch it very easily. This veil length goes well with all long wedding dresses! For those who had followed the royal wedding of 2011, it was this length that Kate Middleton had chosen. Très chic!

The waltz veil

The “waltz” wedding veil usually comes between the knees and the floor. Its length allows brides to move more easily because they do not have to manage a very long veil. In addition, this veil dresses with great elegance all wedding dresses by skimming the floor! This veil length is particularly perfect for close-fitting and tulle wedding dresses.

The chapel veil

The chapel veil measures between 2 and 2.5 meters (or between 79 and 98.5 inches) making it one of the longest bridal veils. This veil length is one of the most popular, especially for wedding dresses with a train. Be careful, however, to always choose a veil length that will be longer than the train of your dress! Indeed, your veil must go at least to the end of your train so as not to “cut” it.

The cathedral veil

It is the longest veil of all bridal veils. If you want to feel like a princess on your big day, don’t hesitate: this is the length for you! Between 3 and 3.5 meters long (between 118 and 138 inches) this veil will give you a princely look. The cathedral veil accessorizes the longest trains of your beautiful wedding dresses in Quebec. It is also the perfect length to have a veil with lace at the end of the train, in order to lengthen your beautiful train even more.

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The materials and types of veils

The tulle veil

It is the most classic material of the wedding veil, especially when the tulle is left simple. With no appliqués or details, this veil blends elegantly with any wedding dress! Made directly by the nimble fingers of our seamstress, we have simple tulle veils in different lengths. Book an appointment to come and try them on at Dream It Yourself!

The muslin veil

Thicker than tulle, muslin is a very soft and supple material. If you need to cover your shoulders and back as part of your wedding ceremony in Quebec, this material is perfectly suited! The muslin veil goes perfectly with wedding dresses whose skirt is in muslin or chiffon, as is particularly the case for French wedding dresses. Also created by our seamstress, we have several chiffon veils at Dream It Yourself waiting for you!

The lace veil

The lace veil is a veil completely covered with lace. More imposing than tulle or muslin bridal veils, it will go better with a dress that is rather simple. There are also tulle veils on which the designer (or a seamstress) has embroidered lace.

It is also possible to have pieces of lace from your beautiful wedding dress added to your veil. In this case, the lace can be applied all around the veil or only in specific places. Your personalized veil will then be unique, just like you!

The pearl veil

The beaded veil has made its appearance in the world of wedding veils in recent years in Quebec. Very modern, this veil is an essential accessory for the fashion bride! The designers have indeed chosen to accessorize the tulle veils by adding pearls… and even sequins! However, we recommend that you reserve these rather heavy veils for minimalist wedding dresses so as not to overload your outfit too much.

The blusher

This veil, much more traditional, covers the face of the bride for her entrance during the wedding ceremony. The blusher, very romantic, is then lifted and folded down the back of the bride by her better half at the altar. It is totally possible to have a blusher added to a tulle veil if you decide to have your tradition moment!

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The alternatives to the traditional wedding veil

The bridal cape

If the idea of wearing a wedding veil tempts you but you are unsure about wanting an accessory that hangs on your head (we think in particular of brides with migraines who fear the weight of a long veil), there is also the option of wearing a cape. It can be in simple tulle, lace, muslin or even crepe. Our designers think of all the options to offer you the bridal cape of your dreams! You can play the cape game all the way and wear it openly as it is, or choose to tie it to the straps of your dress. This way you won’t hide your beautiful bare back.

The bridal wings

If the idea of wearing a bridal cape intrigues you but you are not sure if you want to take the plunge, you can choose the option of wearing bridal wings! These are two thin tulle or muslin veils that you attach to each shoulder, and which will fly behind you with each movement. It’s the perfect option to add a touch of romance and magic to your outfit!

The tulle bow

If you want to wear a veil but you are not convinced by the lengths of veils, there is an accessory that may excite you: the tulle bow! Mounted on a barrette, this beautiful tulle bow is a modern and fashionable version of the veil.

The colourful wedding veil

Bridal veils are very often off-white or ivory, in order to harmonize well with the natural materials and colors of beautiful wedding dresses. However, if your wedding dress is colourful, we advise you to wear a veil of the same colour. Your beautiful outfit will be all the more resplendent!

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The veil to choose according to your wedding dress

Now that you know as much as we do about all the different veil options out there, it’s time to move on to the question you’ve been asking yourselves: which veil should I choose for my wedding dress?

Indeed, it is important to keep in mind that not all veils go with all wedding dresses. This is why we remind you that it is necessary to start by choosing your beautiful wedding dress before thinking about your veil.

Your wedding dress is rather imposing, in tulle or covered with lace, pearls or sparkles? In this case, we do not recommend that you weigh down your beautiful dress by adding an equally impressive veil. Opt instead for a discreet veil that will blend gently into your dress. For example, if your dress has lace you can opt for a veil with lace at the bottom of the train. It will lengthen your beautiful figure!

Your wedding dress is on the contrary rather minimalist? Good news for you: you can afford (almost) anything! If your wedding dress has no lace or pearls, you can opt for more showy accessories – including your beautiful veil. This will allow you, for example, to highlight your taste for pearls.

If the choice of your wedding veil is something that stresses you out, we reassure you: you will only wear this beautiful accessory during your ceremony and for the photos! Once your reception begins, someone you trust will remove it for you. Indeed, when you wear your veil you cannot sit down!
And finally, remember that the wedding veil is an accessory in Quebec: it’s up to you to choose whether you want to wear one… or not!

Do not hesitate to book an appointment at Dream It Yourself to come and try on all our wedding veils… and benefit from the advice of our experts!

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