Why choose a wedding dress with long sleeves in Quebec?

Why choose a wedding dress with long sleeves in Quebec?

Far from the traditional, princess or bustier wedding dresses, the wedding dresses with long sleeves greatly deserve your attention! Often put aside during the summer, the long-sleeved dresses are perfect for an off-season wedding! Let yourself be seduced by the beauty of our wedding dresses with long sleeves for your wedding in Quebec (and elsewhere!). You will not regret it!

Here are all our good reasons to choose a wedding dress with long sleeves!

– Reason n°1 : For a touch of boho –

You are looking for a bohemian and bucolic wedding dress? Let yourself be tempted by a long-sleeved wedding dress! Her elegance and originality will guarantee you original and simply timeless photos.
Furthermore, long sleeves are the perfect way to highlight the beautiful boho lace of your wedding dress. It would be a shame to miss that opportunity!

– Reason n°2 : For an autumn or winter wedding –

Does your wedding take place in Quebec during autumn or winter? Look no further, opt for a wedding dress with long sleeves! You will appreciate the protection that the long sleeves will bring to your arms. Because if the autumn and winter weddings are certainly magical and enchanting, the temperatures can be less merciful and make one regret the thin straps that were chosen. Thus, you will not shiver from the cold on your big day. Friendly advice!

– Reason n°3 : For a beautiful dramatic effect –

Who said that long sleeves were giving a good-girl vibe on a wedding dresses? Certainly not us! When we see how dramatic some long sleeves can be, we can only see them as an immense element of style. Do you want to make sure that you will not go unnoticed? Do you want to pull out all the stops on your wedding dress? Then dare to wear a wedding dress with extraordinary long sleeves that will impress your guests for your Quebec wedding!

– Reason n°4 : For a religious ceremony –

For the future brides who are getting married with a religious ceremony in Quebec or elsewhere and need to cover their skin, a wedding dress with long sleeves is an excellent option. Indeed, the beautifully covered arms allow the brides to respect the exigences of their place of worship. And that, without having to compromise on the beauty of their dress! We are all for it!

– Reason n°5 : For comfort –

As we all know, we can have some little complex about ourselves. It is really important that every bride is comfortable in her wedding dress and is not focused on a part of her body during her big day. Therefore, we advise the future brides who prefer to not show their arms to let themselves be seduced by long-sleeves wedding dresses. You will find yourself stunning, and your self-confidence will show on all your wedding photos!

We invite you to discover all our long-sleeved wedding dresses on our creators page. We look forward to meeting you!