Jane Hill

Jane Hill

Jane Hill is above all a talented and visionary designer who has always placed the modern bride at the heart of all her collections. An Australian fashion house, the designer was inspired by the Parisian fashion houses of the 1950s. Indeed, offering an exceptional service to all brides-to-be is essential to her. These dresses are exceptional and absolutely unique!

Jane Hill’s collections are made up of gowns that are each more stunning than the next. Whether you’re looking for a minimalist crepe wedding dress or a maximalist gown covered in beads and sequins, you’re sure to find the dress of your dreams!

The materials used are beautiful, soft and therefore always comfortable to wear. Saying “yes” to a Jane Hill wedding dress is simply choosing a dress that will make you look great.

That’s why we love them and are so happy to bring them to you at Dream It Yourself!

The dresses are between $4500 and $6300 + taxes.

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Why did we choose Jane Hill?

At Dream It Yourself, we always strive to offer the most bohemian and modern wedding dresses to our brides-to-be. That’s why it was essential to be able to offer our brides a designer as talented as Jane Hill! These creations are made for modern brides, who dream of wearing a minimalist and simple dress or on the contrary covered with details. Indeed, all desires are satisfied by this designer!