Welcome to the world of ELISSAR, the wedding dress design house that draws its inspiration from the legendary Phoenician queen of Carthage, Dido. At ELISSAR, every dress is much more than a garment! In fact, it is a work of art, an expression of the love and individuality of each bride-to-be.

Our ELISSAR designer is committed to creating unique, luxurious and original wedding gowns that reflect the women who will wear them on their wedding day. The choice of materials is a crucial step in the creation of each gown. Therefore each fabric is selected with meticulous precision to guarantee not only undeniable elegance, but also absolute comfort. ELISSAR believes that a bride’s true beauty lies in her confidence and well-being.

Each dress is designed to let the bride shine. Attention to detail, exquisite cuts and subtle embellishments make each creation a masterpiece. When a bride wears an ELISSAR gown, all eyes converge on her, captivated by her grace and dazzling beauty.

The dresses range from $2800 to $3200.

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Why did we choose this designer?

At Dream It Yourself, we chose to collaborate with ELISSAR because of their commitment to offering original wedding dresses that make brides stand out from the crowd. Like us, this designer places great importance on the idea that every bride should feel beautiful and comfortable on her wedding day.

So if you dream of feeling special, unique and radiant on your wedding day, come and try these creations. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of ELISSAR and make your wedding an unforgettable moment, worthy of your wildest dreams! ELISSAR gowns embody timeless elegance and modernity.