Minimalist and elegant wedding dresses for the modern bride.

The dresses are designed and created in Vancouver, Canada. The house is inspired by women’s shapes and architecture.

All Aesling dresses are made of thick crepe fabric. The crepe is on the thickest side of the dress to give the bride who wears it a marked waist and allows a graceful fall for the a-line cut.
The result is a soft and smooth silhouette without creases.

By emphasizing natural silhouettes and creating clean lines, the dresses are intentionally designed to be both modern and timeless. Each dress is hand cut and custom designed by a team of qualified Canadian technicians. Leaving aside the frills, Aesling brings the necessary care and attention to every detail – an ode to the essential: the bride alone.


The dresses are between $3000 and $3800 + taxes.


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Why did we choose it?

This collection features the bride in all simplicity. Sleek lines with a touch of modernity is what will make you fall in love with these sober wedding dresses. Us, we have already fallen in love with these incredible wonders that fit any body shape.

The Aesling bride is confident in what she is deep inside. Cutting out everything unnecessary, she concentrates on the quality and craftsmanship of her dress. The result is a timeless style that neither hides nor masks who she is. The creative team behind Aesling is the same as that of Truvelle and Laudae, our other Canadian designers.

Each dress in our boutique is meticulously selected to bring you the most exclusive, one-of-a-kind dresses. Whether it’s to awaken the boho in you or to highlight your feminine, simple, chic and sexy side, we have what you need!

We look forward to meeting you and showing you the designers we love.