Studio Levana

Studio Levana

Studio Levana is a fashion house that is inspired by real brides and seeks to offer dresses that meet the needs of women. The designer favors quality over quantity and takes a personalized approach to each dress. All of their wedding dresses are custom made! Studio Levana, based in Tel Aviv, carefully controls the quality of each dress.

The designer of this couture house is convinced that every bride has her own dream dress and her own concerns. Therefore, each dress can be made with a built-in corset. This means you don’t have to worry about finding the right girdle or bra! Their expertise allows all brides to be perfectly supported and smooth their curves.

The dresses are between $2300 and $3300 + taxes.

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Why did we choose this designer?

Studio Levana is a designer that specializes in dresses for brides-to-be who have shapes. It is essential for us to be able to offer our brides dresses that will enhance them all. And this, no matter what their size! Indeed, inclusiveness is one of the core values of Dream It Yourself. It’s up to the dress to fit the woman, not the other way around!

We hope that the dresses from Studio Levana will please you as much as we and will emphasize your natural beauty with elegance.