How and where to find wedding lingerie in Quebec?

How and where to find wedding lingerie in Quebec?

We’ll be very honest with you and set the scene : you’ll have to forget about sexy lingerie for your wedding in Quebec (sorry)!

We don’t doubt that you want to enjoy your wedding night (another myth?) but plan a lingerie adapted to your dress: Your lingerie should be comfortable, enhance your figure and obviously fit the style and shape of your dress. Your wedding lingerie should check all these boxes. Indeed, the underwear of the bride is not chosen in the same way as when we store for our little laces at La vie est belle. The purchase of your wedding underwear is an investment that is really worth it since you will be able to use it for any other event!

We don’t teach you anything, every detail counts on your wedding day. That’s why Dream It Yourself is at your side! To help you answer your question on how and where to find your wedding lingerie in Quebec, here are our tips to find the perfect lingerie to wear under your beautiful wedding dress.


Our best advice is, first of all, to turn to a practical and comfortable wedding lingerie. We banish the frills, lace and satin ribbons very unsuitable for your big day “marathon”. 

Instead, favor laser-cut, seamless microfiber underwear. Again, don’t be fancy with the color. Choose flesh-colored underwear as close as possible to your skin tone to ensure absolute discretion. 


The style, the shape of your dress as well as your morphology are the essential criteria which must be taken into account when you will choose your underwear. But how to choose the right lingerie for your wedding? How to match it perfectly with your wedding dress and your silhouette?

Here are our recommendations :  

1) The support of your wedding dress

First of all, you should know that most of our wedding gowns already have a support in the wedding gown. It is not rare that this support is sufficient. To be sure, take advantage of your fitting to ask yourself the question: Do I feel supported enough? Am I comfortable with the support of the dress? If not, talk to your sales consultant who will present you all the options that are available to you and that we have detailed below.

If you plan to match your dress with a particular undergarment, you will need to bring it with you when you meet with your seamstress.

2) The strapless bra

Particularly suitable for bustier dresses, the strapless bra is a perfect option for brides who want a flawless and invisible support. It must have a good support and especially it must not slip. Be careful to take into account the neckline of your dress. If you choose this option, ask your seamstress to sew your bra directly to the dress.

Be careful, this type of bra is not suitable for dresses that have a low back or a plunging neckline.

How and where to find your wedding lingerie in Quebec : We particularly like the Victoria Secret model that allows you to keep a plunging neckline. La Baie d’Hudson and La vie en Rose models are also suitable for some wedding dresses.

3) Adhesive silicone cup 

You have an A, B or C cup ? Does your dress’ transparency and/or plunging backless prevent you from wearing a strapless bra ? Don’t panic, silicone adhesive cups are the perfect solution and fit practically ANY wedding dress cut. Our high quality adhesive silicone cup will help support your breasts without the need for straps or back ties.

Properly cared for, the cups can be worn over and over again. We encourage you to test them out a full day before the big day to make sure you’re comfortable beforehand.

Where to find silicone adhesive cups in Quebec : Offered on many e-merchant sites and at various prices, we can only advise you to choose cups of very good quality and especially respectful of your skin. The cups proposed by Dream It Yourself are a guarantee of quality and safety.

4) The backless bra

Does the back of your dress have a lot of cleavage? Do you have a generous bust or one that absolutely requires a lot of support? We recommend our Back to Glam backless bra without hesitation. This patented bra is a real innovation, it is the first to be adapted for all outfits with a large décolleté in the back and especially for wedding dresses. With the Back to Glam, brides benefit from an effective and invisible support and it is suitable for all breasts from A to F. If you dreamed of a large backless very low cut for the D-day, we found you the solution! Need more info? We invite you to read our article: “The first invisible backless bra, ideal for your wedding dress”.

Where to find my backless bra in Quebec : The backless bra is exclusive to DREAM IT YOURSELF. You can order it directly from our online store or, even better, make an appointment to come and try it on in store. The Back to Glam bra requires a little help during the fitting to be adjusted correctly according to your chest and your backless.

5) Nipple covers

If, like us, you love delicate lace and have chosen a very sheer lace wedding dress, you may not be able to wear a bra. Don’t panic, think of the adhesive nipple covers. And voilà, the trick is done! You’ll not see (almost) a thing 😉

Where to find my nipple covers in Quebec : Once again, we advise you to choose reliable brands that offer quality products. La Vie en Rose and La Baie d’Hudson offer nipple covers in stores and on their websites.

6) The seamless underpants

No matter what the cut of your dress, you need to wear lingerie that doesn’t mark. Our tip: wear seamless underwear that matches your skin color. Laser-cut pieces that adhere perfectly to the body. Seamless finishes help smooth and harmonize the silhouette.

7) The backless panty

For those who wish, you can also wear a girdle (NO PRESSURE! Wear only one if it makes you more comfortable. It is not a requirement). If your dress does not have a halter top, you can wear a “classic” girdle that you can find in traditional lingerie stores. 

If the back neckline of your dress is very deep, again Back to Glam offers the solution with its backless panty that allows you to cover the stomach, buttocks and thighs!

Like the Back-to-Glam bra, the panty is an innovative and patented flat tummy girdle. Its waistband, unique on the market with its backless cutout, allows both a sheathing effect at the level of the belly and an impeccable plunging back neckline. You can then dare everything: the very fitted dresses as well as the plunging back necklines. Thanks to its flesh color, it is completely invisible even under the finest dresses.

Where to find my backless panty in Quebec : The backless panty is a DREAM IT YOURSELF exclusive. You can order it directly from our online store or, even better, make an appointment to try it on in store

Soutien-gorge + Panty Back-to-Glam

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8) Body tape

A little secret of the haute couture fashion shows or of the well-informed brides, the body tape is a must-have for your wedding day.

If you don’t wear a bra for example or if your neckline is extremely deep, we recommend you to fix the dress to your skin with adhesive tapes specially designed for clothes. This little tip will save you from disaster.

From now on, you know how and where to find your wedding lingerie in Quebec. You have all the keys in hand to choose your wedding lingerie. The main thing is that you feel confident, beautiful and comfortable in your underwear for this special day.

To conclude, the lingerie remains a part of the bride’s outfit, it must be in adequacy with your dress. The style aside, it is important that it is discreet, and especially that it is as comfortable as possible.

Now that you know how and where to find wedding lingerie in Quebec and what type of lingerie will best match your wedding dress, we are waiting for you in the showroom!