The first invisible backless bra, perfect for your wedding dress

The first invisible backless bra, perfect for your wedding dress

Our brides have often told us about their desire to wear a dress with a naked back! Many of them found themselves beautiful in our designers’ dresses.
However, they all had the same thought: how can you keep your bust comfortable and discreet, without seeing the underwired bra on your back?

Today, Dream It Yourself has found the solution: a backless bra!


Our exclusive partner Back To Glam designed the first backless bra. Developed by a French designer with a passion for corsetry, it is a great revolution! As our associate explains, the “bra allows to position the (see-through) straps in the lower back, at the level of the kidney fall, enabling a real support

This lingerie is totally adaptable, both for large and small breasts. Thanks to this concept, the bra is invisible, sweet and light. Also, you won’t have any marks at the end of your day!


As we said, the Back To Glam bra is unique! Launched in France, this concept has not yet delivered here in Canada. With this partnership, Dream It Yourself exclusively offers you this revolution. Indeed, you will not find it anywhere else because it is not sold online.

No matter if you have chosen your dress with us or not, we recommend you to adopt this lingerie for your backless dress. In this way, you can reveal your back without giving up the comfort and support of a bra! Finally, this bra can be used on other occasions, notably with your evening or summer dresses.

To learn more, we invite you to watch this video. You can now make an appointment to try this backless bra (we have all sizes available), our bohemian dresses or both at the same time!


  • To order: go in our showroo. Only a visit to the cabin and a fitting can determine the size of the bra that will suit you.
  • Price: 160$ + taxes
  • Sizes :
    Size 1 = 32A – 32B
    Size 2 = 32B – 32C – 34A – 34B
    Size 3 = 32C – 34B – 34C – 36B
    Size 4 = 32D – 34C – 36B – 36C
    Size 5 = 32E – 34D – 36C – 38B
    Size 6 = 34E – 36D – 38C
    Size 7 = 32F – 34F – 36F – 38F
Size bra Back to Glam


You can now find in our bridal boutique Back to glam a backless panty that allows you to sheath your stomach, buttocks and thighs. Comfort and discretion guaranteed with this seamless panty!