How to get married this summer with Covid?

How to get married this summer with Covid?

We have received several questions about the situation of weddings taking place this summer in Quebec in times of Covid, we are answering you as best we can!

The reopening plan established by the government allows us to consider a gradual relaxing of the Covid measures. June 28 is the key date to remember, with all Quebec’s regions to pass in green zone.

A few precisions before we carry on

The information we are giving you are valid on June 20, 2021.It is possible that the measures will change and our advices might no longer be valid in a few days or weeks. We recommend you to always check what is possible with your room rental and your service providers. 


From June 28, it will be possible to get married (and to move) in all Quebec’s regions. But be careful, the frontiers of the different provinces in Canada might not have reopened yet. 

The weddings of the summer 2021 will be intimate! Indeed, it will be possible to get together to up to 25 people for a ceremony or reception inside a room rental. The outdoors weddings, in a garden or a yard of a public space, will be able to gather up to 50 people, according to the plan of the relaxings to come. Our best advice is to contact your rentals locations so they can confirm you their welcome capacity. It will also be possible to get together on a private property, but only up to 10 people inside and 20 people outside.  

Should we select our guests according to their age or wealth in order to protect them from Covid?

The people who are most at risk should have received their two vaccine doses by the summer, and should therefore be safe to attend your wedding. You can keep them on your guest list without fear! 

The couples who are getting married this summer prefer to ask their guests if they are vaccinated rather than asking them to take a Covid test. Some couples are also making the decision to remove some guests from their guest list if they are not vaccinated.

Ludivine, of Lulucoeurdebeurre


It is possible to get together this summer to celebrate weddings, but in which conditions with Covid? We will try to give details to all you will need to respect on your big day: 

1) The face masks

First of all, please be aware that if your guests have to wear a face mask, it will have to be a procedural face mask. The face masks that are not regulatory will not be sufficient for your wedding. Nonetheless, rest assured! The procedural masks exist in other colours than blue, you can avoid the hospital look!

In order to simplify the face mask question: if your wedding takes place inside, the masks will be necessary, while it will be possible to not wear them outside.

2) The social distancing

Unfortunately, it will still not be possible to hug one another during the summer, you will have to remain vigilant and respect the safety distances. The Covid couples multiply creative ideas to keep their wedding magical despite the measures to respect!

An original idea to respect social distancing is to make table centerpieces that are bigger than usual so that the tables seem more occupied than they really are!

Sandy, of Chic et champagne


Now that we know that we can gather both inside and outside, while respecting the safety measures: what program can be put together for the reception?

1) The dinner

It will be possible to share a reception dinner with your guests, it is THE good news for the foodies!

However, the meals of the summer 2021 weddings will be seated. Even though it could be possible to organize a buffet with your caterer, it will be much more easier to plan a service on plate.

In order to provide for contingencies, we advise you to adapt your table plan to the measures restaurants have to follow. You should therefore make sure you have tables of 10 people maximum, with people from three family bubbles.

2) The dance party

It is the bad news for the seasoned dancers among your guests: only the married couple will be able to bust some moves on the dancefloor this summer! The first dance is still on, and it will be even more special that it will be the one and only dance of the evening.

Therefore it is time for you to challenge your imagination and originality to make this first dance one to remember!

3) The “Covid-friendly” activities

However, don’t panic! Even though you can’t dance until the end of the night with your guests, it doesn’t mean your wedding will stop once you have eaten the dessert!

A lot of couples take advantage of their restricted guest list to organize a program of personalized activities. It’s time to spoil yourselves! The games aficionados get their board games out, the music lovers bring a live music group and the epicurians add more to the menu!

The weddings of the summer 2021 will be intimate and they will be magical! Couples tend to spoil themselves more because there will be less guests that initially planned, which free some budget for something else. The program looks more like them!

Mélanie, of Fou d’amour
@Amandarose Grace Szezorak / @Cathy Lessard / @Katie Harmsworth


It is certain that weddings will be special this summer. But as married couples of 2021, you also distinguish yourselves from the couples who said “yes” before the Covid pandemic on a few points.

1) You asked yourselves the question of postponing your wedding

The decision to postpone or maintain your wedding is very personal, and should be taken without any pressure and with a clear head according to the elements that matter to you the most for your wedding.

If you want to organize a huge party where everyone can hug and kiss each other, dance until dawn and that no concession is acceptable with the restrictions, it is certain that you would disappointed to get married this summer with Covid.

However, if you want to get married “at all costs”, no matter the measures as long as you can get married, then go for it!!

2) You are ready to do anything to get married

For those of you who are getting married in 2021, we can already congratulate you: planning a wedding is stressful usually, so to get married in the middle of a worldwide pandemic… It’s something else!

The happy couples of this summer have had to consider the worst, and have elaborated two, three and sometimes even five different plans for their wedding! These couples know it: the worst that could happen is not a bit of rain, and you are READY.

You have trimmed down your guest list, you have changed your location and have considered the worst restrictions: your wedding will take place at all costs (and between us we find it so romantic)!

It will happen this summer. Maybe not as it was thought about one or two years ago, but it will happen. And those weddings will have a very special taste!

Ludivine, of Lulucoeurdebeurre

A lot of Covid couples can be stressed with all the restrictions and all that is possible (or not) to do. However, the couples who made the decision to hire a wedding planner seem more calm than the others. Having someone on their side who can explain the rules, who has creative ideas (and solutions!) seem to be a real advantage for a peaceful wedding organization.

We thank these talented wedding planners who played the game of answering our questions


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