Finding your short wedding dress in Quebec

Finding your short wedding dress in Quebec

Are you looking for a wedding dress that goes beyond the traditional long dress with a huge train? Have you ever thought about wearing a short wedding dress? It’s the perfect option if you want to get off the beaten track! Have a modern, fresh and light look on your big day. At Dream It Yourself, we love the idea of getting the best of both worlds! A long dress for the ceremony and then the little white dress for the reception and the wild party.

Why not a short wedding dress ?

When we think of “wedding dresses”, most of the time we go for a long wedding dress with (or without) a train. Sometimes even with a veil to complete the bridal look. But then, what about the short wedding dress ?

Today, the traditional codes of marriage are in constant turmoil. As a result, it is no longer rare to see some brides-to-be daring to wear short dresses. In 2021, the short wedding dress is no longer a trend but has now become a must have for the modern bride. As a ceremonial dress, for an intimate wedding, to be comfortable for the evening or light for the day after the wedding ceremony.

Still not convinced ? Dream It Yourself, helps you make the step ! We give you our tips and tricks to wear the short wedding dress to perfection !

– The advantages of a short wedding dress –

Sensitive to fashion and especially to women’s desires, more and more designers are proposing in their collections models above the knee or midi models. Modernity and elegance guaranteed!

The short wedding dress is for brides in the air of time: emancipated, dynamic, who love to dance… In other words, short wedding dresses are ideal and practical to feel comfortable and free of your movements. 

The short wedding dresses will particularly highlight you on your wedding day. They allow you to show off your beautiful legs while remaining distinguished and elegant.


– Where to find my dress for my civil wedding in Montreal ? –

You are getting married in France and you are going to say YES at the town hall ? (In France, for the marriage to be recognized and valid, it must be done beforehand at the town hall). You wish to have a different dress for your civil wedding ? The short wedding dress is a great option !

First of all, here’s what you need to know: very often brides-to-be have only one dress. One and only one dress for the wedding at the town hall and for the ceremony (religious or lay) because usually the two celebrations follow each other in the same day.

In this case, choosing a different dress for the civil wedding is more than appropriate if it takes place on a different day. In addition, if the couple do not wish to discover each other before the big ceremony, this can also be an important and symbolic choice for the bride and groom.

Having two different dresses, one for the civil wedding and another one for the ceremony is not essential: it’s a choice !

Our little short dresses are just perfect for your civil wedding ! We are lucky to have among our many dresses, short wedding dresses from the French designer L’Amusée. Really beautiful little nuggets that we invite you to come and try on !




Going halfway up the thigh, the minis are designed for women who are assertive and want to show off their assets on their wedding day. To be avoided however for the religious ceremony. In places of worship, it is customary to cover oneself a minimum out of respect. This style of dress is to be reserved for secular or outdoor ceremonies.


This time, the fabric stops at the knee to show just a little bit for a wiser version. Also called “skater dresses”, the movement created by the volume at the level of the skirt gives it a lot of charm. To counterbalance the sexy side, the long sleeves are also a good way: we show the beautiful legs, but we cover a little bit the arms.


And finally, the even wiser version with a retro touch. The length is between the knees and mid-calf (midi dress). A good way to feel both free to move on the D-day in your outfit while staying in a wedding vibe.



You can already come and try in our store and discover the short dresses of our French designer L’Amusée !

We will also receive in a few days, two new wonders from the latest civilian collection of Rembo Styling, the dresses : Maria and Isabel !

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Whether it’s pumps, open shoes, derbies or even sneakers, anything goes! It is important to know that heels always slim the silhouette and give a pretty posture to the bride while highlighting her legs. If you opt for heeled shoes, you will have to adapt the heel size according to your ability to walk in heels and your comfort. Also, remember to “make” your shoes before the big day!

©Charlotte Mills©Keds / ©Bobbies


You fell in love with a short wedding dress ? You are going to show off your pretty legs, so you will have to take care of those. Don’t change your waxing habits just before the wedding, or you may have an allergic reaction to a new wax or hair removal cream. Avoid shaving as much as possible in the months before the wedding to avoid ingrown hairs! For a perfect depilation go in institute, and then made a scrub to not to have unpleasant regrowths.

Our little tip: On your wedding day, use a dry oil to highlight your pretty legs with a touch of special body highlighter to bring out the curve of your legs 😉


Finally, more and more weddings are taking place outdoors. Brides love short wedding dresses for this reason too. More and more couples prefer to get married outdoors, on a beach, in the middle of a park or wood or in bucolic gardens. Outdoor weddings are on the rise, so brides are looking for a model that is comfortable, dressy and elegant at the same time. Short wedding dresses are the perfect option, for outdoor weddings, but also for the evening afterwards. When it comes to intimate weddings, brides want to give a touch of originality to their look and show off their sublime legs!

Bonus : if you have a small budget the short wedding dress is the best option!

So you’re up for a short wedding dress? We hope you enjoyed this article “Finding your short wedding dress in Quebec”! While reading this article, if you are still hesitating to store for your wedding dress, run along and read our article 5 tips to shop your wedding dress.