When and how to shop for a wedding dress?

When and how to shop for a wedding dress?

When and how to shop for your wedding dress? Where to start and when to try on your dress? How to make shopping for your wedding dress pleasant and unforgettable?

Some brides are both excited and stressed about finding their dress. “How will my fitting go? Who should come with me? How many boutiques should I visit and how many dresses should I try on before I find THE ONE?” These are all questions that can be stressful or even confusing, and which, if you’re not well prepared, can make shopping for your wedding dress less enjoyable than you’d imagined and dreamed of, sometimes for years.

Determined that you should experience the most magical YES to the dress ever, we’re revealing our MUST tips and tricks to make your wedding dress shopping experience a happy and serene one.

As wedding dress experts, and having accompanied hundreds of brides in this all-important choice, we promise you that our advice will make all the difference. We’ll let you in on our best-kept secrets, so you can make YOUR choice and find THE dress of your dreams with ease and peace of mind. What a great way to start planning your wedding!

Wondering what to expect, when and how to shop for your wedding dress? Don’t panic! As always, Dream It Yourself gives you all the tips and advice you need to make your dress fitting a UNIQUE experience!

When to start fittings for your wedding dress?

We recommend that you plan your fittings well in advance, and shop for your wedding dress 8 to 12 months before your wedding date. This way, you’ll have the time to choose your gown with peace of mind, while respecting the sometimes lengthy creation times (generally allow 6 months for the creation of your gown and 2 months for alterations with the seamstress). Shopping for your wedding dress at the last minute will force you to make compromises, as certain models will no longer be available as made-to-measure creations. It would be a shame to have to make a default choice because of delays!

Who to choose to accompany me?

We recommend that you come ideally accompanied by 3 people.  Choosing your wedding dress is a step rich in emotion. Having the impressions of those you love is important BUT having too many opinions is sometimes unsettling. Come accompanied by people who will be able to think about you, your style and your desires and who will not influence you with their personal tastes. For those who won’t be there? Keep the surprise for them! It will be even more beautiful. 



In most bridal boutiques, and even more so at DREAM IT YOURSELF, you need to make an appointment in advance to come and try on our wedding dresses. This allows our team to privatize a showroom just for you and your loved ones, and offer you a 100% personalized experience!

Don’t just turn up at a wedding dress boutique! Reservations are imperative in all boutiques offering top-of-the-range, quality service. If you show up without an appointment, you’ll be disappointed if you don’t get the welcome you deserve.


When you arrive at DREAM IT YOURSELF for your wedding dress fitting appointment, the first thing you’ll do is meet the consultant who will help you choose your dress. You will discuss together about your wedding style, your desires and your inspirations. Don’t hesitate to show her your Pinterest boards or screenshots of your favorite dresses, for example. 

From this, your consultant will make an initial selection of dresses in the cuts and styles that appeal to you, and that will be the most flattering for your figure. 

It is important to express yourself during your fitting, so don’t be shy! Be honest. If you don’t like a dress or if, on the contrary, you’ve fallen in love with it, don’t hesitate to say so! You can also ask your dearest guests for their opinion on the day, if you need support in your choice.

When you say “YES” to the dress, your consultant will take your measurements to order your dress in the right size. A deposit will be required to validate your order. A few months later, when your dress has arrived at the boutique, we’ll schedule another appointment for you to meet our seamstress. You’ll be able to discuss any alterations you may need to make (for example, hemming your skirt to match the height of your heels – this is a must). This is also the perfect time to discuss the accessories and veil you plan to wear on your big day! You’ll be asked to pay for your beautiful wedding dress at this point.


During your appointment with your consultant, she will ask you a number of questions about your wedding, the style, the atmosphere, the venue… But also about your personality and your “everyday” style, to help you find a dress that you like and in which you feel like yourself! More than a question of aesthetics, your wedding dress shouldn’t be a disguise: it should look like you. You need to feel beautiful, unique and comfortable.

Of course, we always dare more when it comes to THE wedding dress! If you want a train or a plunging neckline, go for it without hesitation. As long as you feel that the dress suits you, you won’t be disappointed!

Our most important tip: choose a dress that will make you feel beautiful in your wedding photos, even years later.



Nowadays, there aren’t really any rules. It’s up to each couple and each family! Nevertheless, traditionally, the bride’s parents were the people who covered the cost of her dress and accessories. But then again, there’s no code to follow, and many brides pay for their dresses themselves! However, it’s important to discuss this before shopping for your beautiful wedding dress, so that you can factor this expense into your wedding budget.


First of all, it’s important to prioritize your choice of wedding dress. Accessories will follow!

Once you’ve chosen your beautiful gown – and before finding your accessories – we recommend that you start by asking yourself a few questions. Do you have any family jewels you’d like to wear on the big day? Have you thought about your bridal hairstyle? Indeed, the best option is to wait until you’ve found your key inspirations (hairstyle, make-up, desires, wedding ring color…) before making your accessory choices!

When you’re ready to choose your accessories, opt for jewelry that works with your dress, that looks like you and that enhances you without stealing the show! After all, we want to see YOU!

At DREAM IT YOURSELF, we also offer specific, privatized appointments just for choosing accessories (head jewels, hair picks, jackets, lingerie, earrings, halter necklaces, shoes… everything is POSSIBLE!). It’s a great way to be guided by an expert and ensure a harmonious ensemble on the big day!


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