Which wedding dress for a curvy woman?

Which wedding dress for a curvy woman?

We are happy to announce you FINALLY the arrival of the “large size” sample dresses at our showroom. Dresses that correspond to 1000 % to our universe, our values and our commitment to our brides. Now, we offer modern, sophisticated dresses that sublimate all silhouettes from size 0 to size 34.

Finally, we are fulfilling our deepest wish to offer all brides who visit us the assurance that they will feel beautiful and comfortable during the fittings. In particular with samples in more diversified sizes that take into account each woman’s morphology, we have decided to reveal our advice for choosing your wedding dress when you have generous shapes and a pulpy silhouette. Let’s go !

Here are our tips and tricks for choosing: which wedding dress for a plump woman?

The specificities of the “large size” dress

But is a “large size” wedding dress really different from a “classic” wedding dress ? Which wedding dress for a curvy woman?

Not only adjusted to a larger size, the “+size” collections are designed for women with generous shapes. An improved structure and cuts for all sizes to emphasize your pretty curves, an enhanced bust support for more comfort and light fabrics to enhance the silhouette are the ideal ingredients for a dress that will perfectly fit your morphology.

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Which style to choose?

Choose a dress in which you feel comfortable, confident and that enhances you.

To have a dress that flatters your silhouette the principle is simple: hide the parts of your body with which you are least comfortable and focus on your assets such as your chest or your waist to balance the volumes.

For generous silhouettes, high waists such as an empire cut are often recommended to emphasize your strong points such as breasts. But also dresses that are fitted at the waist, “V” necklines, and flying or 3/4 sleeves that dress the arms and define the look.
Depending on your size, a long train will help you refine your silhouette. If you’re tall, choose the length you like. If you’re small, talk to your sales consultant on the day of the fitting to determine the length that will best fit you.

Which fabric ? Which pattern ?

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As far as fabrics are concerned, it is wise to choose light rather than bulky fabrics. Opt for chiffon and silk georgette as opposed to organza or taffeta for example.

Finally, as for the details of your dress, avoid horizontal patterns that will tend to crush your silhouette and opt instead for vertical patterns or a slit in the direction of the height that will flatter your silhouette.

To finalize your look, choose accessories that enhance your pretty face without overloading it too much. Want to wear a veil? Go for the short veil. For jewelry, opt for thin and light frames that will soften your silhouette. Don’t hesitate to wear earrings or a necklace if your dress allows it, to bring back the attention on your face.

No particular rules for your shoes, always bet on a comfortable pair of shoes that you will be able to keep on your feet throughout the day and even until the end of the night!

Regardless of their size or morphology, most brides have the same fear: they are afraid of not fitting into any dress. But do not panic! Not all stores have the possibility to offer all sizes for investment reasons, even if many would like to be able to do so. Recently Dream It Yourself proposes “+size” models so that all morphologies can imagine themselves with a dress adapted to their silhouette on the day of their fitting!

And when the model tried is too small or doesn’t close, no stress! Trust your advisor. She will always be there to help you project yourself as if you were there. She has seen many brides, so if you are hesitating and need guidance, she will be able to help you. And your dress will be ordered in your size afterwards.

Come well accompanied ! 

Also be accompanied by your loved ones, in whom you trust, who really know you, and who understand your desires but also your complexes. Come with loved ones who have a lot of kindness and enthusiasm for this adventure. You must absolutely feel at ease, and this experience must leave you with a PERFECT memory!

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To conclude, we hope that our advice and tips for: which wedding dress for a curvy woman? helped you in the choice of your dress.  

Once you have found your wedding dress, we reveal all our tips on when and how to shop for your wedding dress. 

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