COVID-19 How do you reschedule your wedding?

COVID-19 How do you reschedule your wedding?

As the wedding season begins, hundreds of brides and grooms are uncertain about their wedding. The Coronavirus epidemic is disrupting the organization of weddings in the coming weeks and even months, and you ask yourself the question: how can you reschedule your wedding?

First important point, we advise you to postpone your wedding as much as possible and not to cancel it. Cancellation will incur more costs than postponement. Indeed, many deposits, even for services are not refundable. Try to stay in a positive dynamic. After this period of confinement, the reunion and celebration of joy will only be more intense and appreciated. 

So, if your decision is made and you need to officially postpone your wedding, here is our advice. In this article we will try to see how to manage the postponement of your wedding; how to organize yourself with the wedding providers; how to find solutions together so that everything happens in the best conditions.


In the case of a postponement of marriage, it is often the place that will determine the new date. Contact them in priority to see with them the remaining availability on the period you would like to reschedule your wedding. Pre-select several dates among those proposed to review with the other providers.

In order to find common ground with your location, you will need to be flexible. Since some places are often reserved two years in advance, the options that will be offered to you may be during the week or during “less popular” but equally charming months (such as June or November for example). Or during the winter season.

Rescheduling is usually subject to a fee, but if you are accommodating, there is no reason why your location shouldn’t be as accommodating and try as hard as possible to accommodate you.


Now that you have a list of new dates validated by your location, take the time to contact your other providers. In priority those who will be present on the day: wedding planner, photographer, DJ, music band, videographer, celebrant, florist, make-up artist, hairdresser, etc…

The goal is to find THE date that can suit the majority.

Remember that you are a TEAM with your wedding providers. They are on your side and want to celebrate your love as much as you do. Otherwise, they would not do this job 😉

Don’t forget to keep your other service providers informed as well, as they too will have to adapt to your new date: calligrapher, pastry chef, graphic designer, wedding dress and men’s suit store, etc…


Notify your loved ones that your wedding will be postponed.  In view of the context, your loved ones will be largely understanding and benevolent. One of the solutions is to propose an “Unsave the date”. You can create your “Unsave the date” by yourself, use an existing template that we have concocted for you or use an external service provider.

Here are a few ideas to warn your guests of the postponement of your wedding with always a bit of humor, a touch of love and a lot of optimism: 

  • Wedding postponed! All confined well in the warmth, we do not want to leave our cosy cocoon. We are sorry to postpone our union but it will be for better days. We look forward to the beautiful days to finally celebrate TOGETHER our love the ***
  • Too busy – saving lives – staying home, we have to postpone the festivities to the ***
  • Each day that separates us from D-Day teaches us to love each other more. We therefore postpone our wedding to find ourselves all together in better conditions. We give you an appointment the ***
  • We love each other, you love us… To see us married you will have to wait a little longer because our wedding is postponed! See you on the *** to find each other

We have prepared a few templates for you to download to warn your friends and family. To download the visuals, click on the visual you prefer and save it or download the complete PDF link of all the visuals:



Don’t forget that you were in the middle of preparations, that everything was almost ready, your decoration, your dress, the gentleman’s suit. Don’t panic, all this is not lost! For the wedding dress, which concerns us more specifically, keep it preciously at home. The alterations will be planned according to your new date. Just like you, she will be waiting impatiently but with great excitement for her big day.


Given the context, marriage providers are going through a complicated passage in their careers. They are wedding lovers but also independent professionals. They will do everything to accompany you through these many changes.

Here are some concrete ways to support them:

  • Be flexible on the new date, new schedules, or cooperate with them for their fees.
  • Support them on social networks by sharing their account, talk about them around you, interact with their content and on their platforms.


You already know that your wedding will be postponed. You have chosen the new date, warned your guests, tried to lose as little money as possible. Everything went very fast but it was necessary. We are sincerely convinced that the reunion will be even better!

To conclude, here are a few ideas for moments together to take a step back from all this:

  • Have a lover’s picnic in your living room and list all the positive things that confinement has brought you (yes, there must be)
  • Open a good bottle of champagne and remember why you are getting married. 
  • Take a nice bath for two in a subdued atmosphere.
  • Have a live aperitif with your witnesses and loved ones and be excited about the wedding.  


We hope this article has helped you if you are one of those brides who postpone their wedding. We hope with all our heart that despite all this, you will still have the most beautiful day of your life. Let’s keep in mind that it’s going to be okay. For future Dream It Yourself brides and grooms you can read or reread the impact of Coronavirus on your dress

The Dream It Yourself team knows how stressful and uncertain this period is, and we will continue to accompany you. You can therefore contact us by email, on our Instagram account or on our Facebook page, we will answer you as soon as possible.