5 tips for an eco-friendly wedding

5 tips for an eco-friendly wedding

5 tips for an eco-friendly wedding

Here are 5 tips to make your wedding as green as possible!

An invitation to plant

And if we told you that we could turn your wedding invitation cards into beautiful flowers, do you believe us?

You should !

Wishbuds and Flowerink Stationery are Quebec companies that offer paper products containing flower seeds.

How it works ? It’s very simple, bury your invitation card in a pot filled with soil, water and watch your flowers grow!

If you doesn’t want to be bothered with the mailing, the option of digital invitations is also to consider!

Flowers growing on a pot stationery who grows

An eco-friendly wedding dress

Ecological sewing is what Patty Nayel, the Canadian designer of Pure Magnolia wedding dresses, has launched. Her collections are composed of haute couture dresses made from European lace, organic cotton, recycled and vintage fabrics.

eco-friendly wedding dress from Dream it Yourself Montreal

And if we rent instead of buying ?

As Emilie from La vie est une fête says : “By renting or borrowing objects instead of buying or making, you will help reduce the amount of waste generated by your event, so it’s also good for the planet and also for your wallet! ”

Contact a creative rental company before buying your decorations, you may be surprised at anything that can be done from rented objects!

Rental decoration for wedding

Transports for your guests

What if, instead of moving your guests with their cars, we rented a bus or a minivan? In addition to reducing greenhouse gases, we simplify travel!

If the wedding takes place in the summer, why not arrange bike rental?

For downtown ceremonies, subway tickets with a route map could be distributed! Convenient for those who do not live in the city!

rental minivan for wedding guests

Recycle your flowers

How about giving your flowers to single or sick people to bring some joy to their lives?

It is now possible thanks to the Fermières St-Eugène circle in Quebec, which gives a second life to the flowers of a day!

How it works ? After your wedding, your flowers are transformed into individual bouquets and redistributed to the elderly alone or sick! (To join them: Lise Deslauriers at 450-372-1400.)

Buying local flowers is also a good option. As Laurie Anne from Atelier Fleur  says, “For ethical and esthetic reasons, the flowers harvested in Quebec are our favorites to achieve the natural atmosphere that emerges from our compositions”

flowers for an eco-friendly wedding

Decrease our ecological footprint even for our magical events, at Dream It Yourself we like it!

Do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment for your eco-friendly wedding dress fitting!


Photo credit :

1  : Peter Žagar on Unsplash

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4 : Dream It Yourself

5 : Laurie Anne Atelier Fleur