The 5 best tips for a successful wedding organization

The 5 best tips for a successful wedding organization

That’s it, he has propose and you’re the happiest woman in the world!

Now is the time to organize your wedding, but no panic, here are our 5 best tips for starting your wedding planning smoothly.

Tip # 1: Know Your Budget

It is important to know the budget available for your wedding.

To begin, write down the important informations in a notebook for your event. The things written will help you move forward in your project.

Then, make yourself a price range: the minimum amount and the one not to exceed.

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Tip # 2: The Guest List

Invite the closest people around you because it’s really easy to end up with a list of guests to no end.

We advise you to write on your notebook the names of people you absolutely want (family and best friends).

Continue with your close friends and family.

Keep in mind your budget, this will help you to adjust the number of guests.

Guest list

Tip # 3: Choosing Your witnesses at your wedding

Your choice of witnesses at your wedding is important; they will support before, during and after the ceremony is over. Choose people you trust, with strong organizational skills and who are able to be there for you physically and emotionally.

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Tip # 4: Set a date

Start by choosing the season in which you want to get married. From there, you can stop on a symbolic date for your couple for example.

The more you plan in advance, the more likely you are to have your date available at the City Hall and / or your place of celebration.

You will be able to take the administrative steps with the chosen institutions.

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Tip # 5: Make your wedding at your image

Don’t forget that your wedding must respect your values, your vision of life, your universe and therefore look like you!

You can get inspired on Pinterest to better know the directions and establish a theme to work on.

Pinterest will be your best friend for the general decoration, the inspirations for your wedding dress and for details !

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