Rembo Styling

Rembo Styling

Rembo Styling is a mix of modern and luxurious boho chic. It is also the association of their talented European designers and the know-how of their Portuguese workshops. For decades, Rembo Styling has been a forerunner in the creation of exceptional wedding dresses. Boho chic meets Rock ‘n’ Roll. The dresses from the Belgian group Rembo Styling and Marylise are unique and have a style all their own and recognizable among hundreds of others.

Rembo Styling use materials are light and fluid to provide maximum comfort so the bride can dance the night away. The bride should always feel comfortable in her dress. Pure romance, comfort and high fashion standards are the criteria that mark the creations of all the designers in collaboration with the house.

The new collection exudes romantic nostalgia with a touch of sensuality. Carefully selected fabrics, a superb cut and Rembo Styling’s legendary attention to detail, such as hand-made flowers and delicate pearl ornaments, everything is made for the wedding dress of your dreams.


The dresses are between $2500 and $3200 + taxes.


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Why did we choose Rembo Styling ?

Rembo Styling is above all the know-how of a great house with punch and a completely offbeat character. The latest collections from this designer are a real breath of fresh air in the world of wedding dresses. Thus, it’s a real wind of freedom that we love! Their models have a real identity with hand-embroidered patterns, delicate pearls and totally exclusive fabrics. Every year there are two collections, one of which is vintage to satisfy your desires and maybe your whims, who knows?

If you don’t want to look like just any bride and make a lasting impression, you’re likely to fall for this house with an assertive spirit! Let yourself be guided in this exceptional universe…

The Rembo Styling dresses are perfect for brides looking to combine romance, femininity and comfort in their dress!