At Marylise, innovation is at the center of all creations! All Marylise wedding dresses buzz with the dynamism, audacity and above all creativity that characterize this fashion house. The brand is part of the Belgian group Marylise and Rembo Styling. Each of their dresses is created in Belgium and manufactured in Portugal. These creations, which are thus deeply European, bear the mark of an exceptional craftsmanship!

Marylise’s mission is simple: to inspire brides and offer them a unique and beautiful outfit for their unforgettable day! And to do this, the brand pushes its creative boundaries every year.

The materials used in all their creations are light, soft and comfortable to wear. Indeed, the main objective of the brand is to allow brides to be comfortable in their dresses throughout their day – and to dance the night away! Romanticism, comfort and a very high quality of creation are really the key criteria of Marylise. The fabrics are carefully selected, the cuts are studied and original, while the attention to detail of the house is legendary!

The dresses are between $2600 and $3000 + taxes.

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Why did we choose Marylise?

At Dream It Yourself, we always try to offer our brides the most bohemian and modern wedding dresses. It is indeed part of our DNA! That’s why it was essential for us to offer you the creations of the Marylise house. These dresses, all crazy bohemian and romantic, will charm you! Don’t miss your chance and come try them all on at Dream It Yourself!