5 advantages of the infinity dress for our bridesmaids

5 advantages of the infinity dress for our bridesmaids

You are bridesmaids and still looking for your dress. We are happy to introduce the Infinity dress. The same dress that wraps around the body in over 30 different ways. Here are advantages of the infinity of the dress that makes it simply MAGIC!

1 / A multitude of possibilities and colors

You can choose different versions with or without tulle, velvet or simple. Our infinity dresses are at the sweet prices of :

✨Simple: $ 180 + taxes
✨Tule: $ 200  + taxes
✨Velvet: $ 300  + taxes
An unique size but with more than 30 colors possible.

You have understood, it is possible to choose different options while staying on the same theme for a perfect mix and match between bridesmaids. The advantages of the infinity dress is that each Bridemaid feels perfectly comfortable with the dress she wears while respecting her style.

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2 / A perfect dress for ALL morphologies

A flattering fabric for all silhouettes and that provides good support!

More than 200 bridesmaids wore our Infinity dress.

Unlike the wedding dress, with the infinity dress do not panic if you become pregnant, the dress will fit your body without problem! No more problem of taking or losing weight, this dress requires no retouching.

Backless, strapless dress, with or without sleeves, plunging neckline or more covered … everything is possible and that is what makes this dress goes to all morphologies. Whether round, thin, small, large, whether you have a large size, a generous breast, small hips, or broad shoulders, this dress will fit all shapes and will delight everyone.

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3 / Different ways to wear it

The infinity dress offers an infinity of possibilities. It is a draped skirt on which are sewn two bands to tie. This is the way we tie the bands that will determine the shape you want to give to the dress.

The brettelles, the back, the belt, as many possibilities that you could readjust and adapt to your tastes. Finally, the infinity dress allows to have the same dress for all the procession while customizing it.

Also, you could wearing it as one way during the ceremony, and another way in the evening for the party. The advantage is that it is a dress that lends itself to several occasions (receptions, evenings cocktail parties, or even on the beach!), It is a timeless piece that remains at once very chic.

Here are the main examples of how one could wear the infinity dress.

All you have to do is have fun with all the possible knots! 🙂

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4 / Comfort and absolute support

The fabric of the dress is a very thick jersey. It is a soft but strong fabric that allows a good support and remains comfortable.

Many of our bridesmaids entrust us with the feeling of being in pajamas !! Absolute comfort to fully enjoy the big day.You would have understood, it is a dress both chic and practical!

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5 / Our own infinity dress

To be honest with you, we hesitated for a long time before offering Infinity dresses at DIY. We had the opportunity to try one on us 3 years ago and we found that the fall was not qualitative. By dint of seeing on Pinterest and can not deny that having the same dress that fits ALL morphologies is just MAGIC, we decided to persevere. After several Infinity dress orders whose quality still did not suit us (thank you internet) we have made the following decision: YES, we will offer Infinity dresses but with a quality of fabric in the image of our wedding dresses. ⁣

In collaboration with one of our suppliers, we have been offering for one year, infinity dresses with a top quality Jersey 👌🏻⁣

You will understand, we are very proud! 😁⁣⁣

Take into account that we need 2-3 months to order your dress, the ideal would be that you receive it in advance to be able to train to drape it.

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If you are interested, look at our availability and come visit us, It is possible to come and try in store by appointment or order by email.


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And finally, we leave you on these beautiful images of a pop and festive afternoon with her bridesmaids at the Dream It Yourself 🙂

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