Thematic days

Thematic days


On Jase Mariage !

Our new thematic days are coming up! “On jase mariage”, litteraly means “we are talking wedding” as said here in Quebec! This is a new concept for us, an event imagined by two organizers: Justine and Marion, both from the wedding universe. They wanted to set up this meeting for the future brides, this upcoming Sunday on September 30th, at Dream It Yourself!

Are you getting married soon? Is a friend of yours gonna say yes in a few weeks or months? With this unique event, we will focus on all topics related to  wedding! Please note this event will be in French. We don’t recommend you to attend this event if you can’t communicate in French.

Photo : Julia Garcia-Prat



This event is organized for future brides who want answers to their questions!

Planners, photographers, stylists, designers come together to animate workshops to help you start the organization of your wedding with serenity and answer your multiple questions! All these people come to give you their advice and opinions, but also inspirations for your future union.

This one-day event will take place on Sunday, September 30, 2018, at Dream It Yourself’s showroom in Old Montreal.


The conference will be split in two, with three presentations in the morning and three presentations in the afternoon. This way, all topics can be covered during this event. The speakers are wedding professionals, they know their job perfectly and their advice will certainly be interesting!

Here is the program of the day (in french only..) :

OJM Program - Dream It Yourself - Montreal


Several points are to know about this day:

  • Tickets are limited! So, you’ll have to pay attention to the date the tickets are online, to be able to book your place!
  • The price depends on the formula chosen: 25$ for half-day, 40$ the day
  • The event will be held at Dream It Yourself (405 Saint Jean Baptiste Street, Montreal). To get there, we advise you to take the subway, on the orange line, Place d’Armes station



Two people are originally behind the organization of this event. First, Justine Dewavrin, the founder of Dream It Yourself: a unique concept in Montreal bringing together in one place a wedding dress shop, workshops & a meeting place for the bride and groom. Then, Marion Brunel, a French photographer specialized in weddings for a few years. What inspires them? Striving to see weddings that are always more personalized, creative and with unique stories!

Following their meeting, the two decided to put their kindness, their creativity and their sense of sharing in common to gather professionals ready to give you the best advice for your wedding! This is our team!

Team OJM - Dream It Yourself - Montreal

To find out more about this event, you can find it on Facebook here!