Discover the designer RINGS exclusively at Dream It Yourself!

The dresses of our new designer RINGS are simple and minimalist, all in crepe. All RINGS dresses are made of a beautiful and soft crepe fabric. We love the modernity of the designs of these dresses, which enhances any silhouette. The elegance of the designs of these dresses is unparalleled!

The materials used are soft and really comfortable. Saying “yes” to a minimalist RINGS wedding dress is choosing a dress that will make you look great.

That’s why we love them and are very happy to offer them to you at Dream It Yourself!

The dresses are between $1800 and $2000 + taxes.

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Why did we choose the designer RINGS?

The RINGS collection allows all future brides to have access to beautiful, minimalist, modern and elegant crepe dresses without breaking the budget. Thanks to their silky lining, these dresses offer a refined style while maximizing comfort. Their original cuts will make you stand out and their simplicity will enhance your silhouette.

At Dream It Yourself, we are very happy to offer you incomparable wedding dresses with a modern and bohemian style!