Dream It Yourself is not just a wedding dress shop. Beyond the sale of wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses and accessories, DIY organizes various events in its showroom!


Our DIY workshops

Dream It Yourself gives you the possibility to realize creative workshops in its showroom! Take part in several workshops that will combine fun, learning and creativity. Moreover, you can enjoy it for your bachelorette party.

To discover more about these workshops, you can click on this link.


A hen party at DIY

Our future brides often share their ideas for a bachelorette party in Old Montreal. Dream It Yourself can host hen parties in its showroom, with several possibilities of activities: brunch, workshops, apetizers, shooting…

For more information about organising a bachelorette party at DIY, click on this link.


Thematic days

We are very close to our brides and we give them a lot of time and love! We are building strong relationships with each of them, and we are pleased to have such positive feedback from them. In this sense, we have created thematic days in their image, for them.

It is a meeting of professionals of the wedding world to help you, future brides, to realize the wedding in your image. On Jase Mariage is a unique concept in Montreal! To find out more about this special day dedicated to brides-to-be, click on this link.


Trunk show: the best way to discover new dresses

At Dream It Yourself, we don’t want to offer you hundreds and hundreds of wedding dresses like other shops do. It is a question here of making you discover renowned, talented creators, coming from the whole world. We focus on the quality of the dresses and on the bohemian aspect of them.

To know the upcoming Trunk show in our shop, click on this link.


Rent our showroom

For different occasions, we can make our showroom available. So, whether you are an artist, a journalist, a video maker, a filmmaker, a blogger, we can rent our space in Old Montreal!

With two large lounges, a fitted kitchen, a work area, a bathroom, our showroom is ideal for shooting, meetings or even bachelorettes party. For more information, click on this link.